the ^ < V game

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< Lost all his bases to a cat.
v Sure we take off every zig, but for what?

^ How should I know?

< my back and feet hurt. A lot.

V What IS love?

^ A hole, as I understand it.
< Prefers the surface-world, thanks.
v Would date Alex Mauer.

^ Even if all the current bullshit weren't going down, probably not.

< Mostly because I wouldn't have known who the person even is beforehand anyway.

V Spaceship?

^ Spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP!
< A 8-year-old thug-life fetishist once declared on a church-bus that I was dating his teenage aunt, who was wearing way too much make-up.
v Having to protect my dignity, I felt the need to proclaim that I would never date clowns.

^ Damn.

< HoNK

V ====>?

^ But wait, there's more!
< The boy's sister came to her defense with "She was born that way!"
v I said "No, she was born beautiful; she made herself ugly."
> I was then asked to sit somewhere else.

^ The absolute madman.

< Across the border, where tayto crisps are in different packaging.

v *taps head*

^ I play bongos with MY head!
< One-up-man-ship isn't always worth the trouble.
v Here's a great idea: Every beloved single-player story in gaming history ought to be dragged through online multiplayer mud.

^ Liked Bioshock 2's single player though, as well as its multiplayer.

< I am back and my cat is excitable and sniffing my shoes.

v I am the favoured one.

^ Bioshock 2 is a fine example of a bad idea done really well, but I'm thinking of garbage like Need for Speed Rivals and Elder Scrolls Online where you're not even allowed an offline mode.
< Found a perfect single red piece for Gizmo's car that includes all 4 wheels and the framework between them; it's even big enough for a mini-figure to look like a regular car instead of a go-cart.
v Naturally, I put it on my Lego Dimensions pog for that vehicle; now I should just add pieces to make it look right.

^You are speaking Greek to me....

< Ashamed he let spam crack the greatest sub forum.

V Will hand down a sentence.

^ It would be fragmented.

< Fortunately the cat did not have ringworm.

v Hello, operator? There are young, drunk people in hot pants outside...

^ Forget the fuzz, any drunks that stumble onto my property will have their liver confiscated.
< They have it easy compared to smokers that don't keep their distance.
v Doesn't respect my right to protect my lungs and nose from the sadistic assault that is second-hand smoke.

^ I Athrea Franklin r e s p e c t you bra.

< *Vapes with renewed vigor.*

V How good of a word is vigor?

^ I like it.

< Played Catan on Tabletop Simulator. I'm glad it facilitated such a good game. Didn't win, but it was tense the whole time.

v Bad stat rolls.

^Makes a fun character.

< Likes shit things.

V Barbarian mutliclass wizard.

^ I am the opposite of all those things, stealth pure FTW!
< However, a tabletop character I have in-mind is a melee pure who religiously rejects all clothing and equipment.
v Prefers weird characters over arch-types.

^ true dat

< I have a paladin I want to play that has no weapon, full plate and a sheild. I call him the healing rock.

V Adventures league legal?

^ I don't know.

< Blarg.

V How many things do you own?

^ ...I lost count. One, twoooo, threeee...

< Today I learned: Do not ask Steve-O for a ghost story, you just get hyperactive ramblings about a particularly bad trip.

v Pick a breed of dog.

^ Mutts!
< Secretly picked a fast-food chain instead.
v Can stop the spambots, but they're just too funny.


< Would if I could. And oh my god do I try!

V Bring spam to the forum games?

^ only to play out the flashback from AVP.
< But if we so much as acknowledge Requim, it's not worth it.
v Oh wait...

^ Wait for what?

< Blarg.

V Do you need healing?

^ By setting that rule, I broke the same rule.
< If I get healing from an upside-down man, will that hurt me?
v We should hasten Martian moons crashing; the increased gravity of Mars will weaken the storms because rocks will be heavier.


< I bought one thing in the sale and it was shovel knight.

v Maybe I'll play it one day.

^ I liked it

< Liked it

V blue sky?

^ Dark Skies.

< Spyro 1 has one of my favourite video game soundtracks ever. I think it's the prominent drums.

v Arse dagger.

^Unfortunate for everyone involved surely.


V Don't call me Shirley.

^ Shirley!

< A naughty boy that ought to be punished.

v I hear some people crap out of their asses, would you believe.

^ is that a subtle joke that with some people the crap comes out of their mouth?

< when the world gets in my face, I say: HAVE A NICE DAY!

V wrong neighborhood mother fudger.

also setting the FIRElord on fire.


Drake the Dragonheart:
^ is that a subtle joke that with some people the crap comes out of their mouth?

You make the mistake of thinking I'm that clever.

< Plot twist, every post I have ever made was a SOCIAL AND POLITICAL COMMENTARY!

v I'm 14 and this is deep.

^ Or is it?

< I don't know.

V Pants or pants?

^If you wear them like this they're a hat.

< Head pants.

V We must size the means of production.

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