the ^ < V game

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^ I don't know how to drive.

< Got an EX raid pass. Nice. Mewtwo on Sunday, then.

v Couldn't help but push the button.


< 90s

V Where's your head at?

^ Sometimes I wonder that myself.

< Blerg.

V *Random screeching noises*

^ Yes that sounds like an adequate description.

< Popped into Carphone Warehouse in hopes of a good quality micro USB cable at a fair price, ?15 for a single one, Goji, 1m, nonbraided...nope.

v I hate real-life shopping.

^ I prefer it greatly over online shopping, but it can suck at times.

< Eating dinner.

V Pancakes.

B^ fuck I should get some pancake mix!

< Will be doing that.

V Been to a waffle house

^ I don't think specialised waffle places are really a thing here.

< I've only ever had those shitty frozen potato waffles.

v Can't beat a fresh potato.

^ No arguments here.

< Playing Fallout 4... without any mods.

V Doesn't do that.

^ I have a few QOL mods for FO4. I wish the automatron DLC didn't have invisible tankbots so I'd be motivated to play it.

< Not touching the creation club with a 10-foot pole.

v Is going to finally get around to something.

^ Just started taking guitar lessons, that's something.

< Self-taught for two years with JustinGuitar before finally getting a face-to-face teacher.

V Let's start a band.

^ I do play bass & mandolin.

< 4 strings are best

V Singing voice of an angle.

^ Close enough when my throat isn't sore.

< Popping cough drops like candy.

V Thought about stabbing a moose once.

^ I can honestly say no

< I am now though

V Everybody do the flop!

^ *interpretive dance illustrating the plot of Ghostbusters 2016*

< Has been playing the Witcher 2.

v *climbs over poorly voice acted child NPC*

^ Is a penguin

< Fights like a cow

V Clubs baby seals.

درخواست کتاب آمازون

^ I'm wonder how long it will be before the comment that's supposed to be above mine gets removed.


V Tried to raise a gnome army, but gave up when they realized how much work that actually was.

^ I've seen too many spambots with less than ten posts to trust that link. Sorry m8.

Oop. I guess I should refresh tabs before I post. But yes, that sounds like me.

< Being a player of PoGo really made me hate rainy weather tenfold. Also, I now have Mewtwo and a shiny Pikachu.

v Has found extreme difficulty in having fun despite owning a library card.

^I keep meaning to get a library card for the local one.

< True story

V Really, really needs some sleep.

^ No, I'm good until later tonight.

< Still a bit sick, but much better than I was.

V Shot a potato at something.

^ More like threw it but kinda.

< Surprised this is still around.

v Hey there.

^ Good to see you!

< Wishes more people from the old days were still around.



< I finally tried the sandwich part of the deli and now I'm disgusted I spent all of the last year of my course eating crappy hot food.

v Had a similar revelation.

^ yes and it was glorious!


V need a . . . lift?

^ No, but I could use some ice cream or something.

< Thinks he might be getting sick again, even though he's not 100% over the last time yet.

V It never ends.

^ Why are we still here, just to suffer?

< Got some specks of boiling oil on my face and arm in that classic way where you get a tiny bit on you, then jerk your arm from the pain and get more on you. It stings a little the morning after, but I don't think I'll need to worry.

v Plays games for the cosmetics.

^ Nah I'll play a shitty game if the story means something.

< Tosspot

V Throat singing champion.

^ Not even close
< Has had this avatar for ages
v Has an old avatar

^ A couple, yes.

< Has a few ideas for avatars he'd like to have made, but probably never will at this point.

V Quack?

^ Qwark!

< Feeling really bummed about a raid Tyranitar that got away from me a while ago...40 candies potentially...

v Your fault.

^ Probably.

< largish around before going to mow the lawn.

V Wanna see a dead body?

^ I object!

< something something something. . . dark side!

V We're going. . . WINNING STREAKING!

I don't play WOW, but what I can deduce from Carbot's videos is it involves lots of running around naked, screaming, and just general nonsense.

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