the ^ < V game

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^ After dicing lightly simmer in butter until brown

< Next stir into the cake batter.

V Onion cake?

^ that sounds gross

< in it to the bitter end.

V "It is no longer the guilt of surviving that I carry with me, but the honor of knowing my brothers as you know them. As heroes." - Brendan McDonough, Granite Mountain Hotshot and sole survivor of the Yarnell Hill Fire

^ ...Neat.

< Working.

V Bork or borf?

^ Some kind of Blargh

< Impending holiday

V Fan of the woods.

^ when not on fire yes.

< got rained out today.

V Granite Mountain Hotshots Last Alarm 06-30-13 We will never forget.

^ I don't keep track of sports.

< Still has three hours of work left.

V Do you enjoy working?

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