the ^ < V game

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^ Nope, I am a good boy
< really should be doing his C++ homework.
V Doesn't have to do homework

^ Nope. :)

< Blargs.

V Loved watching Looney Tunes as a kid.

^ Of course, who didn't?
< Should clip his nails but is too lazy to.
V Is somewhere over the rainbow.

^ No, I'm somewhere far to the side of the rainbow where it's still raining.

< Eating dinner.

V Has had tech problems recently.

^ Luckily no.
< Since I'm learning computer stuff,t hat happens a lot less lately.
V Has frequent problems with viruses.

^ Not really

< Has a headache

V Will give me a cookie

^ In exchange for a lifetime of servitude.
< Is a slave master
v Approves of slavery

^ Only when it's temporary and funny.

< Just woke up.

V Has the worlds largest collection of given fucks.

^ No, my doctor gave me pills for that.

< Slept less than 2 hours last night.

V Has hunted many much moosen.

^ I have no idea what that is.

< Wishes he could use his laptop for internet stuff instead of his phone.

V Has a "Valentien" for today.

^ nope
< Is all alone
v Will be alone with me

^ But then you wont be alone. :)

< hoping YouTube has decided to stop fucking up.

V Has read/is reading a really good book.

^ Yeah... The Giver...
< That was a long time ago.
V Is reminiscing about things.

^ You mean like when I could use my laptop to watch YouTube videos instead of not being able to watch more than the first five seconds while using my phone, then yes.

< Would like to be able to watch more than the first five seconds of a video.

V Does not have these problems.

^ I was last night actually, but not anymore I think
< Is about to go on the yub-tubs
V Will search the world for the holy grail!

^ Nope.

< Bored as sin in a study hall.

V Eating cake! Whichever way they want. :-)

^ Nope, no cake here.

< Meh.

V Plays an instrument.

^Is factually incorrect
<Has 0 musical talent
v Is listening to music

^ Not at the moment. Maybe later.

< Was able to play a game without a bunch of bullshit glitches appearing.

V Wants to be Irish.

^ A little bit..
< Borderlands 2 is killing me.
V Hates DLC.

^ Nah it's alright.

< Never played this forum game before.

V Has played it before.

^ Yup, been in it for a short while now.
< Doesn't want to go to work.
V Will journey with me under the sea

^ I need to check on one of my secret bases anyway.

< Eating breakfast.

V Hits the snopze button.

^ I have no such luxury lately...

< Watching Avengers Assemble with parents.

V Saw the Avengers.

^ Yes, several times in fact.
< Is very hungry.
V Will make me dinner.

^ No, but I can get you takeout!

< Is now full from dinner.

V Has had their dinner.

^Yep, but I'm still really hungry.
<Is looking for a film to watch before bed.
v Is someone I might recognize.

^ Depends on whether you mean IRL or just on the forums.

< Got really crappy snow today.

V Looks fabulous in a hat.

^I'll let you be the judge of that
< I meant on the forums, so yes, I do :)
v Likes the rain.

^ Yes, when I am not out in it!

< Should sleep.

V Is feeling foolhardy!

^ ...Yep.
< Now thinking of jumping stuff.
V Watching a marathon of something.

^ Nope.

< Playing New Vegas.

V Has a history of running around the house screaming for no apparent reason.

^ Mebbe >.>

< Playing through the Mass Effects again

V Has played an MMO before

^ Runescape and LOTR online. Both were pretty meh.
< Found some chocolate bars that have been mixed with coffee beans. I was excited and bought one. It was not good.
V Has been dissapointed by good sounding food before.

^ Yes. It was a sad day indeed.

< Is looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow more than work itself.

v Should probably get an early night tonight.

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