the ^ < V game

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^ Are you calling me fat?

< blarg.

V Wants a hypno-hat.

^ Is wrong once again.
< Is in school.
v Is in the middle of nowhere.

^ Yes and no on that one.

< Wishes he only needed one hour of sleep to function.

V Hello.

^ Is one of only 2 people still posting in this thread.
< Is the other one
V Is the 1st one again.

^ How did you know?!

< Want his leg to stop itching.

V will insult someone today in some way, shape, or form.

^ Your father was a hampster and your mother smells of elderberries
< Hopes someone gets that reference
V Will also quote Monty P

^ False.
< Is listening to Visual Kei.
v Is listening to rap because they are a total gangsta.

^Is wrong.

<Is currently Playing Batman Arkham City.

VHas already played said Batman game before.

^ Nope.
< Yup.
v Wat.

^ When?

< Who?

V Potato!

^They're tasty.

<Is making a list of superpowers in the picture thread.

VPosts in the picture thread.

^ Sure do.

< Might post in there again sometime within the next week.(if I find anything cool that is)

V Should do the same.

^I will

<Isn't finding it harder and harder to think of more interesting superpowers to talk about on the picture thread. (But Power listing wiki does help)

V Has just woke up (Like myself)

^ say that again in about 14 hours(give or take an hour) and it will probably be true.

< Doing other stuff.

V Shall proclaim their favorite color.

^ Yellow.
< Dango.
v Dingo.

^I've yet to see one.


VIs always right.

^ Kiss ass
<Brown nose
V Toady

^ Feh.

< Meh.

V Bleh.

^ Arg
< Blarg
v Warg

^ Larg

< Zarg

V Eargh

^ Yar!

^ Is a pirate.
< Likes to mislead people. Or does he?
v Likes to boogie.

^ Maybe.

< Loves Chairman's avatar.

V Doing something involving a computer.

^ Yup.
< Is on a computer and stuff.
v Works out.

<Has 2 hours of training tonight despite being behind on his studies
v will tell him which of the two he should do or if he should do both

(v captcha saying she sells seashells)

^ Nope.

< Has candy.

V Wants some of my candy.

^ Lagging?
V Lagging?

^ I hate lag.

< will go to bed soon.

V wants to see my face.

^ Mystery is better than reality
< Can't handle the truth
V Truth Seeker.

^ Kind of.

< Very Hungry. (Should go eat)

V Is willing to make me food. (Or do I have to get it myself)

^ Sure, I'll just need you name, address, bank account information, social security number...

< Has his own food.

V Will do anything I want them to in exchange for gum.

^No, I'll do it for free :)
< Has low self worth issues....
V Has been missing me recently.

^ I was beginning to wonder where you were.

Is watching TV.

V Has facial hair.

^ I've just shaved, so not right now.

< Is playing the DS whilst typing this with one hand.

V Thinks what I'm doing is the coolest thing ever.

^ Nope.

< Is doing stuff.

V Knows who will post after them.

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