the ^ < V game

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^ Nope.

< Cursing Blizzard.

V Hoping that someone will notice their awesomeness.

^ Nah, haven't done anything particularly awesome recently.

< Just about to shut er down for the night... after an episode of The Walking Dead.

V Is gearing up for a rockin St. Patty's next weekend.

^ Nope.

< Doesn't really care.

V Wears mouse traps as ear rings.

^ Nah I don't wear earrings, though...
< I was thinking maybe I should do 3 earrings in one ear like Link!
v Would attack me with magnets!

^ Nah I'd be worried they would turn on me.

< Afraid of Magnemite.

V Doesn't care about pokemon.

^ I grew out of them by the time I was 14. So no, not really.

< Needs to fart

V fears the females

^ I love the females!

< Breakfast!

V Happy Woman's Day or whatever it's called.

^ Assumes I am a female

< Is a male

V Reads mail

^ No.

< Eating.

V Peeing.

^ Needs to stop making me think about bodily functions.

< Will go to the washroom.

v Just woke up.

^ Nope.

< Doing stuff.

V Would like for someone to give them back rub.

^Nah I'm alright.

< About to game.

V Hasn't gamed in a while.

^ It's been almost two hours since I stopped gaming for the day.

< Still doing stuff.

V Put a banana in your ear!

^ A banana in my ear?

<Is the banana king

V Stole my freaking kidney!

^ I've go two perfectly good ones, it wasn't me!

< Likes the taste of eagle eggs.

V Quick, run outside and look up at the sky!

^ But it's sunny outside.

< Woke up not too long ago.

V Is a pudding miser.

^ love me really, and doesn't actually believe that :P
< was forced to take shelter in his college on his way home because of a blizzard.
v Loves the snow??

^ It depends.

< Narf.

V Bitch slapped a ghost.

^ damn right. It owed me money before they died.
< is going to his last week of school until the fall.
V is pondering what I'm pondering.

^ Nope
< Has a giant sword
v Acts like a fish when in the water

^ Derp!

< Needs to swim more.

v Likes swimming.

^ Eh.

< Just ate dinner.

V Hello.

^ Goodbye

< Getting that Pokemon urge again

V Always nicknames his Pokemon

^ Most of the time, if I can think of something that doesn't sound like absolute crap.

< Loves playing New Vegas, most of the time.

V Has an invisible walrus living in their backyard.

< feeding my invisible walrus cupcakes
V doesn't know me

^ No, but I hope that you will stay and have many fun times with us.

< Should go to bed before too long.

V Blarg!

^ Bargle Fargle!

< Is asleep

V Is on the other side of the side, where it is still morning.

^ Nope.
< Not quite 6:30
v Waiting for a download to finish.

^ Nope.

< Got ninja'd, but ^ response still works.

V Has an afro.

^ Nope but it get pretty fuzzy.

< Saw a band last night and hearing was damaged.

V likes live music.

^ Meh.

< Meh.

V ...Meh.

^ Yeah

< Screaming like a sheep.

V Owns more than thirty games.

^ Let me check.

< Yes, Yes I do own more than thirty games.

V Owns a factory.

^ Nope

< Was the NCR's hero

v Likes the Followers of the Apocalypse

^ I am indifferent to them.

< Is only being buddies with the Legion until he's milked them for enough awesome stuff.

V Their favorite weapon combo is the 9-iron with That Gun.

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