the ^ < V game

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^ Nope. Lazy as all hell.
< And yet, I'm in college somehow
V Living life.

^ I sure am. I'm even living the life.
< Dread for the future.
v Dreading the future too.

^ A bit.

< Eating.

V Was blinded by the light.

^ ...Which light?
< Insomniac.
V Sleeps comfortably and normally.

^ Nope, barely even sleep.
< Is practically a zombie.
v Will let me eat their brain?

^Only when I stop using it.

< Still using it.

V Loves the smell of rain.

^ Meh.

< ...Meh.

V Has/had a pet(s).

^ Nope.
< I hate pets... and people.
V Mashing buttons.

^ I lost in chess, and now I'm playing Dark Souls, so yes.

< Bit disgruntled at his losses today.

V Feeling very happy as opposed to my disgruntled nature.

^ Yes, I am on vacation so why shouldn't I be?
< Is getting very sleepy.
v Is rather fond of hats.

^ A bit.

< Finished Blow_Pop finish the Portal 2 co-op just a little bit ago.

V What is your quest?

^ To get this effin' binary list implemented.
< CS student.
V Is content knowing that clicking "Fix" works.

^ There's a fix button?!

< Going to bed.

V Moose.

^ Deer.
< Deer scares me.
V Is also scared by something somewhat harmless.

^Dying alone!?

< Not doing much moving today.

V Will go outside at some point tomorrow.

^ Possibly.

< Watching videos.

V Recently squeed at something.

^ Not recently.

< Is going to eat breakfast after this bout of posting.

v Rarely has breakfast.

^ More like never

< Has very little appetite to begin with

V Eats a lot.

^ I am very sensitive about my weight!

< Wants to play Fallout of some sort after reading Fallout: Equestria

v Owns a Fallout game that I may have (for keepsies).

^ Nope. I want one too though...
< Freeeee....
V Doing Spring cleaning.

^ Nope.

< Taking a small break from New Vegas.

V Reads web comics and such.

^ Yeah. Mainly Antics.
< Not caught up with most web comics.
v Reads Unsounded.

^ Never heard of it.

< Is extremely behind on most of the web comics he used to read. Will probably never catch up on most of them.

V Ate lunch today.

^ Nope.
< Not hungry.
v Can't eat unless hungry.

Curses, ninja'd.

^ Naw, I eat if I'm bored too.

< Has little drive to do anything lately.

V Owns something Alienware.

^ Nope!

< Should eat today.

V Got tricked today.

^ Not really.

< Played CoD for the first time in many months.

V Hates everything.

^Nah I love it all!

< Not high.

V Has been high once.

^I'd love to, but nah never.

<Second or third time posting here.

V Can drink milk.

^ Actually drink lots of it.

< Has self-loathing issues.

V Has great mental health.

^ Probably not.

< Tired.

V has a fishy hat.

^ Incorrect!

< Has cold hands.

v Is only happy when it's raining.

^ No, I can be happy at other times too.

< Hates it when his phone fucks up for absolutely no reason.

V Will make my phone stop acting stupid. Please?

^ I can't let you do that, Star Fox
< Misses my N64.
V Wants to play Star Fox 64.

^ Not really but if I wanted to I do have it laying around.
< May play F-Zero X.
v Can't drive very well or at all.

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