the ^ < V game

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^ Knows it'll either be Fijiman or no-one
< Is sad about the dead thread
V is Fijiman

^ No, just me, Gabe Newell.
< Is witty.
v Is a Connect Four Pro.

^ Nope.

< Loves popcorn.

V Will (hopefully) post with a few days. Preferably some time today.

^ definitly loves popcorn
< punched a scout on tf2 recently
V hasn't posted, yet.

^is the same person
<is a clone of the previous poster
V might also be a clone

^ Nope. I'm the original, one and only me.

< Brain wants to quit right now.

V I say hello to you.

^ I said good day!
< Happy that the thread is still alive
V Is secretly hoping to kill the thread

^ Never.

< Watching cartoons.

V Was asleep within two hours before getting on the internet.

^ even less
< is about to go to sleep
V is reading this at about midday

^Nah, it's the afternoon here in good ol' blighty
<Hails from the good country off britain
Vdrinks tea and maybe coffee

^ Tea only sometimes but I don't like coffee.

< Blarg.

V Has something else that they should probably be doing other than posting here.

^ True.
< Should stop spending all day on his computer.
v Enjoys other people's company.

^ Only very specific people
< The very model of a modern major general
V The very model of a scientist salarian

^ Got that wrong :P
< Not the model of anything, as to be the model of something requires excellence, which I don't do.
V Has no idea who I am

^ Snake?
< Snake!


< Listening to dubstep.

V Has no clue what I actually look like.

^ True!
< Has no idea what I look like
V Has no idea what Fijiman or myself look like.

^ Well I haven't looked into a mirror late... never mind.

< Almost asleep.

V Is feeling the effects of gravity.

^ Has slain gravity!
< Has read 8-Bit Theatre
V Got the refference

^ No I did not.
< Is bad at Risk.
v Has a flag, and understands the connection between this statement and the last one.

^No, I definitely don't.
< Never understands anything going on around here
v Doesn't post after me very often

^ I do actually.
< Knows that the connection between Risk and flags is an Eddie Izzard joke.
v Doesn't even know who Eddie Izzard is.

^true, though the name is strangely familiar for some reason....
< Doesn't like when things are strangely familiar.
v finds me strangely familiar

^ A little.

< Typed this invisibly.

V Knows all the quotes.

^ Only to certain things...
< Is slightly obsessed with Doctor Who these days, having only started watching it.
v Has watched many a doctor Who episode

^ Not even one. Thinking about it, but not yet.

< Still writing invisibly.

V Has seen me somewhere other than on the Escapist.

^ I've watched some of the most recent season, overall it was pretty enjoyable.
< Still has an hour left of school...
v Wishes they were still in school.

^ At times, yes, but mostly just to see my friends from school.

< Has a bit of a headache.

V Hates waffles.

^wrong, no one hates waffles.
< Loves waffles
v speaks more than one language

^ Oui, je parle francais aussi.
< Doesn't know what he just typed.
V Speaks a monosyllabic language.

^ A what now?

< listening to music.

V will guess who the next three people to post after them will be.

^ Fiji, Overpuce, Willofbob
< It probably Wrong
V is Fijiman!

^ Damn you for being right.

< Is off to play games soon.

V Is wearing a shirt.

^ Yep
< Is getting Diablo III for his birthday
V Is sad that I violated overpuce's prediction

^ Nope. Was kind of hoping it would be.

< *insert something semi-clever here*

V Likes dragons.

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