the ^ < V game

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^ A what now?
< Snapped my horn ;(
v Doesn't blame it on the sunshine, blames it on the boogie.

^ Indeed.

< Can't control his feet.

v Is bad.

^ Possibly.

< Blarg.

V Shouldn't sneeze food coloring.

^ You can't tell me what to do!

< Doesn't actually have any food colouring.

v Knows how to dance.

^ BAHAHA God no.

< What do I play now?

v Is a king among men.

^ Not really.

< Kind of bored.

V What are you going to do next?

^ The same thing I try to do every night, Fiji.

< Masturbate. It's very hard with hooks where my hands should be.

V Laughed when I said "hard".

^ *Stabs*

< :D

V Are you a gnome?

^ Can't answer...

< ...Bleeding to death!

V Remember me!

^ I'm sorry, who are you?

< Wonders why a talking monstrosity is bleeding in front of him.

v Knows why.

^ A wizard did it.

< Do I go out of the house or do I not?

v Careful, we're in bat country.

^ It's ok, I have a good rep with bats.

< Helped save a young bat.

v Hates bats.

^ Never had to deal with them.

< Is apparently a wizard.

V Name something used to make cake.

^ Brandy.

< It can be used for chistmas cakes.

v Thinks alcohol should be kept away from cakes.

^ I wouldn't know.

< Doesn't drink.

V Named their toes.

^ Nope.

< Has a bit of an aversion towards feet.

v Has a foot fetish.

^ I'm a bit weird, I like hands, shoulders, bellies and feet. But I'm not overly into any.

< Likes hugs. From anyone.

V Knows dat feel.

^ Nope.

< Does not like hugs.

v Avoids human contact.

^ Unless someone needs a hug or a pat in the back, yes.

< Generally does things they don't like to help others.

v Fends for themselves and no one else.

^ Blerg.

< Extra blerg.

V Super blerg.

^ Yes.
< No sleep today.
v No sleep ever.

^ Incorrect.

< Sleeps regularly... ish.

V Eats sheep whole.

^ Nope

< Is getting fat without eating much as it is.

v Fit.

^ No...

< Wants to be.

V Blegghhh.

^ Mlaaarg!

< Bored.

V Can't see without their shoelaces.

^ They do keep my shoes on but see they do not.

< Footy!

V Finds garlic smelly.

^ Garlic smells amazing...

< So does good Pizza! But I don't like the taste of it..

V Thinks Subway smells.

^ I don't particularly care for Subway.

< Blarg.

V Ceiling monkeys.

^ Watch me strum off.
< Drank Pimms and Vodka and isn't drunk, what the shit.
v Is jelly of my inability to get a hangover.

^ Maybe?

< Meh.

V Why?

^ Not jealous of her because I've gotten vomit-level drunk and had no hangover the next morning.

< Invincible! Or perhaps just Irish?

V Can handle their drink.

^ I wouldn't know.

< Is hungry.

V Shot with an underwear cannon.

^ No, it was a T-shirt cannon

< Needs Painkillers.

v Time Consumer.

^ I'm very low-maintenance.

< Independence sounds hard, but rewarding.

V Lives alone.

^ Nope.

< Trying to find a match.

V Lives underground.

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