the ^ < V game

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^ Sometimes.

< Loves that song.

V Will make a song reference as well.

^ Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

< Doesn't want to miss a thing.

v Needs a hero.

^ Not today.

< Feh.

V All their friends know the low rider.

^ I'm the only music lover amongst my friends.

< Friends consist of a Japanophile, a goth, a transperson and a blind person.

v Has "normal" friends.

^ I would consider them normal-ish.

< Leg is very itchy at the moment.Stupid bug bites.

V Does not suck eggs.

^ Correct, I just scoff them.

< Had a goose egg at the weekend. Yum. Filling.

v Has eaten a truly weird egg and lived to tell the tale.

^ Do duck eggs count?

< Not very adventurous when it comes to food.

v Likes spicy food.

^ Do duck eggs count?

^ Yes they do, and they're bloody good. We've done home-made scotch duck eggs and they were AMAZING.

< Hell yeah gimmeh your spicy food.

v Prefers chilli to curry.

^ No.

< Prefers neither.

V Shall become the next major pop star.

^ Why pop?

< Has a general dislike for pop

v Loves pop.

^ No.

< Hasn't been in a posting mood, recently.

V Sir posts a lot.

^ That's Madam Hasnolife Posts a lot to you!
< Trying to outbid someone on eBay
v Wants to come over to mine for a slice of cucumber.

^ Cucumber? Why cucumber? How about some onions?

< Loves onions despite the smell they leave in your breath.

v Hates vegetables in general.

^ Not really.

< Getting tired of being the only one on his team who knows how to get a kill without dying a dozen times.

V Is part of the pie.

^ If it is a meat pie, sure.

< Was thrown in a meat grinder when young along with other kids.

V Gets the reference.

^ Not at all.

< Unless it's a Treehouse of Horror reference.

v Gets Neuro's reference.

^ I'm with Treehouse of horror too.

< Doesn't watch Simpsons anymore.

V Owns steel toe work boots.

^ Nope, never have.

< Isn't even wearing shoes at work today.

v Needs to be beered.

^ Not at all.

^ I don't drink anymore.

< Was once a pretty heavy drinker

v Loves alcohol.

^True dat!

< Drinking.

V Has seen a band recently.

^ Word, I went to see a Jurassic 5 reunion gig.

< 'kin LOVED it. So much awesome.

v Not a J5 fan.

^ Knows i have no clue who J5 is. >_>

< likes Dubstep, Party music (Avicii etc) and the occasional pop song.

v Will judge me for that last part ._.

^ I don't judge people for their musical tastes

< Even if their taste in music just plain sucks/sarcasm

v Shuns people that have sucky musical tastes.

^ Of course not.

< Would have to shun himself.

v Has hayfever.

^ Nope.

< Meh.

V Jumped the shark and punched someone in the face.

^ Is yes an acceptable answer?

< I went to a bar 5 minutes from my house with some friends and found it has a videogame theme. Cammy White and Chun-Li on the wall and Earthworm Jim cocktails! I had a Koopa Troopa. It hit me like a bus. Very potent.

V Has had an interesting cocktail before.


< Doesn't drink

v noticed the lack of the up arrow.

^ I did. I'm attentive.
< had16 hours sleep today
v wants to boogie on a Saturday night.

^ Meh.

< Was playing Minecraft with some friends.

V Is going on an epic journey.

^ Not really epic but a fun journey nonetheless. Camping tomorrow.

< Likes camping.

v Has lots of family camping trips under their belt.

^ Not even one.

< Isn't too fond of the idea of camping anyway.

V Eats babies in their dreams.

^ Possibly

< Doesn't remember his dreams

v Remebers their dreams.

^ Some of them

< Most are the fucked up ones

V Doesn't have dreams that make them dwell into "What the fuck was that?" territory upon waking.

^ The horror... the horror...

< It's my birthday!

V Can I get a happy birthday?

^ Happy Birthday!

< Hates birthdays.

v Will also wish Johnny a Happy Birthday.

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