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Unclaimed items of a valuable nature.

Grilled Veal

A back story filled with lasers and explosions.

A temporary speed boost.

A map of the hidden supply caches

Cheesy goodness.

Ninety-nine red balloons.

A plunger.

Signature catchphrases

A wallet made of money.

A date with a skeleton.

Some candy.

Chocolate biscuits

Orbital drop-pods.

A big cake full of cream

Knowledge of Mars and Lucius patterns.

A year's supply of parkour lessons.

A plate of sausages

Free air conditioning and heating.

Components from the Peace Walker project

Revelations about the disaster.

florescent pink +5 full plate mail.

An umbrella of antipasti.

pasta and antipasta

A vial of healing.

Banana cake

Strawberries and pancakes.

Plenty of Mate beverage

A coffee maker.

A big bag of Chips in Vinegar

Extra large candy bars.

Some pieces of Reese's.

A ticket to The Stabbening.

A one way trip to mars.

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