give a present to the above avatar

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A gun that shoots bees. [And I mean it uses bees as ammunition, not that it's only to be used against bees.]

An infinite source of grain.

a pet mimic.

flavored keyboards.

99 red balloons (the objects, not the single.)

A single red balloon with an angry face scribbled on it.

An AI girlfriend.

Count Orlov's saucy cigar box

Dee's nuts.

A plushie of a Nord that says 'Let's get to bashing butts as well as deez nuts!' when you squeeze it.

A pamphlet about the Rights of Mer.

Seven dollars worth of taco fillings.

A car that builds up speed for 12 hours, but in order to explain why, first we need to talk about parallel universes.

A Gauss pistol.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Steam.

Five Steam refunds.

Classy shirts

More buildings to destroy.

Pancakes with your name written in syrup.

3 cats and a frozen pizza.

A book entitled Orc Politics And You.

More FoV sliders!

Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, Pet.

A rare candy.

A bullet in the foot, so that you can finally escape.

Three marbles and a bit of old bone.

My sparkly blessing as you enter Valhalla. (Sorry about the wounded foot getting you killed.)

A flying attack porcupine.

A crystal star.

A Mars bar.

all of the books in skyrim.

A caricature drawn by one of our lovely site artists.

A mint chocolate roll

The Panther G.

Popeye the Sailor Khan.

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