Reason to fight to the death with escapist above

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Topic subject says it all folks!

Has a Dalek as an avatar, which is a clear sign he hates everything and would like to exterminate us all.
Somebody must put an end to his madness!

Despite maining Scout, I think I die more often to backstab than anything else.
Not this time, though. Put 'em up!

The only way I could think of is if I was a evil goatee wearing twin.

For driving without using his hands. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

For having big blue eyes yet lacking apparent pupils.

For having subtitles in the avatar GIF that I can't read! HOW DAAAARE YOOOOUUUUU!

For being an Elf with huge ears.
/Not Racist

For ensuring Complete. Global. Saturation.

For forcing me to hear that line again.

For being able to hear text.

For eating my pencil.

For having a square head.

For being a mad scientist that won't let me have my own nanobot generator.

Supports Pirates of Ninjas (I mean come on, who the hell picks Pirate?)

For having Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in their avatar, but lacking the great John Candy.

For mixing up Jim Belushi's name.

For mixing up John Belushi's name.

For thinking John is candy... Ammi doin it rite guys?... Guys?

Because Jolton is Better...


Now you say Chris xP.

Because he picked my second favorite of the eevees... They must never know...

For making me hearing cccchhhhrrriiisssss too many times

For missing his mark.

For being the one to point that out.

For being to nice. This is a death match, remember?

For being a meanie mc mean pants. (Am I doing it right?)

For running too slowly

I hate daleks.

I hate anything that's from anime that I don't know of... Unless it's just your standard generic anime character, in which case, I would not give the honor of fisticuffs.

For inhumanely mocking gore.

For having a name so full of innuendos it makes my head spin.

For also having a name chock full of innuendo... So also for being a hypocrite.

Because I need a new Test Subject...

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