Reason to fight to the death with escapist above

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Because he watched the whole ordeal!

You eyeing me anime lady!
I'll teach you to wink at me!
*raises fists*

You killed a spiderthing?! How dare you!

You've soiled my good pants! For that, you die!

Because none of us are minors?

for not liking purplish hair

For purplish bishie things.

For Mandalore!

For the manticore!

For Psycho Mantis!

For Razputin!

For the people!

For the sea turtles!
capha: respect me

For talking about Banana Slug's!

For not wanting banana slugs to be spoken about!

For wanting Banana slugs to be talked about!


Because that guy stole my job!

You stole my wallet.
Steal my little amount of money, you get a cane sword to the chest.
Sound philosophy.

He killed my best spider friend.

Nobody fucks with my best spider friend. burned down my home you madman!

because you have a cool badge!

Because he has badges I don't have!

I hate a hairy man badge looking at me! *fights*

ack it's a dirty furry!!! LET'S DROWN HIM IN STRAIGHT HUMIE PRON!!!!

because I made out with a furry once

'cause i be needing some bluberry juice

Because he's using the spinning button badge to fool unsuspecting people.

His avatar just offends the hell out of me!

Because he's offended by my avatar and I don't have the slightest clue why.

How dare he try to fight to death with my friend dalek!
I'll temporarily renounces pacifism for this brawl.
*raises figsts*
Have at thee!

For taking the last juice box out of my fridge!

I know it was you you son of a bitch!

Because I love the word fisticuffs. I challenge you to fisticuffs!

because a 12 year old COD player slept with his mum

Because he's the master of the Unova Region.

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