Reason to fight to the death with escapist above

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Because you are shitting rainbows!

Because I'm sexy and I know it

Because you mentioned a horrible song.

because wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

Because he ain't afraid to show it!

Because he watched the whole ordeal!

You eyeing me anime lady!
I'll teach you to wink at me!
*raises fists*

You killed a spiderthing?! How dare you!

You've soiled my good pants! For that, you die!

For threatening a minor... you...must... PAY!!!!

Because none of us are minors?

For the purplish hair.

for not liking purplish hair

For the purplish icing.

For purplish bishie things.

For honor and stuffs.

For Mandalore!

For Mandibles!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!

For the manticore!

For the Mantis Corps!

For Psycho Mantis!

For the Pyschonauts!

For Razputin!

For the Romanov Dynasty!!

For the people!

For the Banana Slugs!

For the sea turtles!
capha: respect me

For the sea cucumbers, the ocean's Banana Slug!

For talking about Banana Slug's!

For not wanting banana slugs to be spoken about!

For wanting Banana slugs to be talked about!


Because that guy stole my job!

You stole my wallet.
Steal my little amount of money, you get a cane sword to the chest.
Sound philosophy.

He killed my best spider friend.

Nobody fucks with my best spider friend.

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