Reason to fight to the death with escapist above

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Because your avatars cuteness is killing me

Because your avatar is no longer a lynx but some purple colored cat/human combo.

For mocking purple hair.

Fucker stole my digestive

Because of foul language! *clean punch*

Because I've punched you before and I feel like doing it again.

Because they are mean! *smacks multiple times*

Because he's a big jerk who's face is as dumb as a butt.

At least Tizzy has a face and doesn't conceal it behind a mask. *smack*

Because of prejudice against masks! *smacks*

Because the captcha is asking me to say nice things about Dish Network and I don't want to.

For not knowing why she wears a mask!


For insulting someones lack of knowledge! *smacks*

Because I haven't been part of this death fight! *kick*

For not participating in this death fight often enough.

Because you are too harsh on the newcomer! *sonic boom*

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