Poll: my avatar could beat up yours.

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my avatar could beat yours in a contest.

My doomed kitten is pretty cute.

Until you said


I was pretty confident. Sadly, I'm not so sure now, although he does make me feel uncomfortable with my sexuality.

Anybody who does not find a menacing red fisheye lens adorable has no soul.

Team Rocket never wins. Ever.

I don't want to beat up anyone anyway.
I'm the Dragon who Dreams...

('sup, Redlin. How's the sandman keeping you entertained?)

See I don't know about that man. That's a bold statement indeed. HMMMM!


...dammit. Nabeshin's only one, true weakness. Cuteness.

You evil, evil fiend. Fortunately, Nabeshin, as the director, can get Excel to fight cuteness.

You know what I don't care, my avatar's still cuter. d'awwww!

But my is Pinkie Pie acting like a DJ, nothing can get more cute than that unless it's the "squeak" sound from the show or the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

my avatar could beat yours in a contest.

I think it would be a tie... I love cute bunnies.

Well, the applejack is somewhat cute but if it wernt for dr kliener acting like jackass on her back it would have been better, so yours.

*shrug* I care not, for the pensive aspect of my avatar and the imagery of a seated Reaper's introspection far outweighs any desire to have a 'cute' avatar...

Now excuse me while I go strangle some kittens...

Scarim Coral:
But my is Pinkie Pie acting like a DJ, nothing can get more cute than that unless it's the "squeak" sound from the show or the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Ahem. *points to the left of this post*

Well, OK, it's only one of the CMC, but the other two were definitely in that scene! Not to mention Applebloom's bizarre wavy inflatable arms have to out-cute a DJing Pinkie Pie.

This is proof, I just need to make my Yakko pull a cute face!



Well I got nothing aganist the Animaniacs.

You cannot best my monocle-wearing truncated icosahedron!

She will kick your ass with a well timed cooking screw up.

Your avatar won't be cute after my avatar get's through with it. >:D

Maybe, *sniff* maybe.

Damn you OP, it's not even a contest.

How would anyone even allow it to such a contest?

At least he dresses stylish.

CAPTCHA: save face

You wouldn't hit Fluttershy

My avatar may not look cute, but you haven't experienced cute until you've seen a newborn calf jump around the meadow and try to suck on your fingers.

please mine is so cute and happy people are intimidated by it's sheer cuteness

Well my avatar is Pipsqeauk the british pony...I think I have a good chance.

Pff. My avatar wins out of sheer Bad-assery!

Mine is me, and I can beat you with the helmet i'm wearing.

I'm pretty sure that Mike Dawson is the cutest thing on earth, in a condescending sort of way. "Oh you're going to save he dark world? That's cute, don't hurt yourself."

Yes but mine would win a contest of cunning.

How about no. There is nothing in the world that can match the furosity cuteness of the Georga Peach, Ty Cobb. I mean come on, how is that little sheep doll more adorable than this angry passionate, dirty playing scrappy baseball legend. Sure, he may have been a horrible racist who attempted to stomp a handicapped man to death for calling him a half nigger, and he may or may not have killed a person or two in his time, but look at this face and tell its not terrifying adorable

Challenge accepted.jpg

You pick the time and place.

Mine is mudkip and we all like mudkip.

My avatar is a heart that frequently has heart attacks.

I think anybody could beat it in a fight.

Incorrect, my icon is incredibly cute and as a bonus it is freaking Calvin & Hobbes.

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