Recent studies

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Recent studies show napping is amazing.

Recent studies show I am ready to fight the clouds.

Studies show that chatting with Red is my new drug. @.@

Recent studies show Para should take rehab.

Recent studies show that Red should be my sponsor. My very personal sponsor.

Studies show that breathing underwater is known as drowning.

Studies show that it's a silly assumption by people. It's actually half dying.

Recent studies show that Para belongs in the opera.

Recent studies show that Red will attend each and every single one of shows~

Studies show that people perform in an Opera house.

Studies show that Opera Shows are powerful stuff.

Recent studies show that nausea can come out of nowhere.

Recent studies show that they also disrupt chats. >.>

Studies show I am cold!

Studies show the weather is cold. >.>

Studies show that wet snow is heavy. >.<

Studies show that anything wet is heavy. >.>

Studies show that getting sore arms sucks.

Studies show that relaxing in a nice warm bath is relaxing.


Studies show I have much to do tonight!

Recent studies show that recent studies show.

Recent studies show that more and more people are migrating to the Forum Games.


Recent studies show that my journey to the dark side is now complete.

Recent studies show that there is such as thing as too much pepperoni on a Pizza.

Recent studies show that cheese pizza is an expensive abomination.

Have shown that Ice cream can induce headaches if consumed at a rapid pace.

Recent studies show that ice cream will cure anything if eaten in sufficient amounts.

Recent studies show that eating ice cream in sufficient amounts will cure lack of ice cream.

Studies show I made myself too much dinner...and I regret nothing!

Studies show that one can never have too much dinner! :o

Recent studies show that you can never listen to enough Donkey Kong music.

Recent studies show that timezones also hold the secret to sleeping. :D

Studies show I am listening to jazz music right now!

Recent studies show that I played jazz music tonight.

Studies show Persona has awesome music!

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