Recent studies

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Studies show that many people of the escapist have been taking advantage of the new avatar size (sadly, I love my avatar but It cannot be sized up, being 100X100)

Recent studies show that nerds like to debate.

Recent studies show that it's not a recent study at all! D:

Recent studies has shown that dust from mice is slightly radioactive.

Studies show that records were made to be broken.

Studies show that I am NOT a a talking chicken wing.

Studies show that talking chicken wings are taken for granted. 3:

Studies have shown that funk bass can improve swagger.

Studies show that Red vs Blue is quite funny.
Studies also show that Sarge isn't a badass.

Studies show that I haven't watched that show so I can't comment. ._.

Recent studies show that old studies helped us get here.

Studies show that this study is being studied by people who study things.

Recent studies have shown that Jazz solos are a good source of fibre.

Recent studies show that cucumbers are a source of monkeys. o,o

Recent studies show studies show things. Recently.

Recent studies show that there will be blood.

Studies show that I will be going to Chilli's for dinner!

Studies show that the makes your stomach feel funny. :p

Studies show that I like sandwiches.

studies show that I have too many tabs open in my browser

Studies show I love baked Lays too much...

Studies show that it's cool. So long as you don't die from it. >,>

Studies show that skittles are fucking tasty!

Recent studies show that Bill and Ted had a "Most excellent" journey!

Studies show the film Bio-Dome made more people lose the will to live than Justin Beiber.

Studies show that Scorpion King 3 is freaking awesome. XD

Studies show people enjoyed the Dark Knight Rises.

Recent studies show that everything revolves around an atom.

Recent studies have show that liquid cheese is in fact milk.

Recent studies show that pies are the perfect vessels for peace.

Recent studies indicate that college can be expensive.

Recent studies have shown that there is iron in blood.

Recent studies indicate that JRPGs are weird at times.

Recent studies have shown that Max Nero and I are old timers on this site.

Studies show that the forum games has the coolest people on the site!

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