Recent studies

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Studies show Grell Sutcliff has been lurking in these forums lately...

Recent studies suggest that WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB.

Studies show that this thread is on the verge or being derailed.*attempts to resuscitate*

Recent studies indicate that people fall for hype when it comes to video games.

Recent studies show that you can't handle da beatz.

Recent studies have shown that Dango has a new avatar.
capcha: how sweet

Recent studies show that for once, it is not a Clannad avatar.

Studies show Clannad is a pretty good series...

Studies show that it is my favorite anime.

Studies show that Fairy Tail is better!

Recent studies show that the above post is post #300!

Studies show Lynx is absolutely right!

Recent studies show that video gaming can be fun.

Studies show that Fairy Tail is better!

Take that back or or....

*goes off to chop cheery trees* D:<

Recent studies show that the worlds cherry tree population are on a decline because of mParadox!

Funds my projects to make cherry trees bonfires! O.O

Recent studies indicate that the man known as Para likes to murder trees.

Recent studies show indicate that I love girls and spaghetti.

Recent studies show that I love girls, but they don't love me. XD
That actually made me kinda sad...*listens to music to cheer self up*

Studies show I have pledged to an OUYA.

Studies show that the OUYA is interesting.

Recent studies indicate that magpies in the morning are really annoying!

Studies show that I can PEEEEEEERRRRSOOOONAAA these birds in the morning.

Studies show the ultimate scores of battle music in Theatrhythm are hard as balls...

Studies show that BlazBlue and Guitly Gear crossover would be awesome.

Studies show that armed mercenaries, dressed in either blue or red, thoroughly enjoy wearing hats into battle.

Studies indicate that the web series Red vs Blue is quite awesome.

Studies show that I don't really like it...

Studies show that people can have different opinions.
This new study has frightened many people of the internet who are used to thinking that their opinion is fact and that any other opinion is wrong. XD
Joking by the way. I like it though.

Studies show my opinion of that I don't like studying at all is right...this has made me question life itself. 0_o'

Studies show my results are coming in 2hrs and I am nervous...

Studies show that results are always scary. Aye.

Best of luck you crazy fool.

Studies show that cats are in fact, the ultimate source of happiness

Studies show that depends on the persons allergies. >.>

Studies show that people with cat allergies are missing out on the ultimate happiness and must settle with regular happiness...

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