If this is the answer, what is the question?

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A:No doubt most of you have heard about this round from mock the week.(Well the cool ones maybe).
But in essence, someone posts a description or answer of some kind and the next person has to make up a question for it, serious or silly, then posts another answer for the next poster

For example, I post "zero"

and the next person says "How many males movie goers are left alive by the end of an average screening of a Twilight movie?" or "The amount of fucks I give about this stupid game thread?"

So, I'll start

Painless but rather unnerving

Q: What is being stabbed with mashed potato like?

The smell of rain.

Uh... true. I'll go "true". That was easy.

Oh, wait.

Q: What do you stop noticing the fastest after experiencing it the first time?

About 93, give or take.

Q: What percentage of Detroit residents bought their house for the price of a VCR?

Chuck Norris

Q: Who spawned the most crappy jokes ever??

Santa Claus

Q: Who has access to all of your homes?

The 1984 Curling world champions.

Q: List everyone who attended the 1984 Curling World Championships.

Unicorns and candy.

Q: How do you attract manic pixies?

Ham and cheese.

Q: What would happen if you take out a character from Sonic and gave her companion a character from Toy Story?

Spai sappin mai sentry

Q: What is the common response to finding out that there are no guards on your towers?

Yes, I would like fries with that.

Q: Need anything for that open wound?

No it's an original.

Is that a pre-used brain you've got there?

34 cats in the attic.

Q: What's something you never want a certain Internet rule applied to, and which rule don't you want applied?

Professional Korean Starcraft players.

Haha, brilliant question! :)

People who are unlikely to ever run a marathon?

A green t-shirt

What was the missing person wearing?

Several large snakes.

What got stolen from the pet shop last week?

Hair care products.

What did the girls in hunger games really want for donations?

pizza with anchovies.

What culinary delight did Fry introduce to the rest of the crew???

A red leather-bound book.

What appears in Amnesia: The Dark Descent whenever you find something that will be important later?

Emilio Estevez.

Name one of Charlie Sheen's brothers.


what is jeopardy!
kidding, of course.
Q. What is the pizza topping most likely to cause an argument in any family?


40+2 ;).


Q. What food stuff was it that your fat friend ate all of?

Skinny midgets.

What's thin on the ground?

Muddy puddle

What don't you want to get sucked into hell via?


Q. Artist most often mistaken for a modem?

about a pound and a half.

How much does a rat's soul weigh?

A mob of angry children did it.

Who is the father?

Scientific Progress goes "Boink"

How do you know that the ants are advancing?

The third one did it.

Ma'am, which of these men stole your purse?

two blocks down, take a left.

Which way is the Bastion?

I don't know, but it involves exactly four cherry bombs and a jackhammer, and it's easiest to do it in the Bermuda Triangle area.

What happened last night?

Blarg Blarg Honk Blarg

Could you act like a crazy person for a few seconds?

Around 2am tomorrow.

When will I post next?


What are those weird things in the sky?

600 without pants.

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