If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Hey Bob,did anything good happen while I was away yesterday?

No I think not!

do you think?

okaaaay... here's 10,000 zimbabwean dollars... I hope i helped you with that.

Can you donate to me for no apparent reason?


WTF is the deal with your avatar?

Majora's mask.

Ok what is the game with that talking bird in a bear's backpack?

Take a left and then you're there.

Which way to an annoying dog from the clock tower in clock town?

Jack and Jill's pale of water.

What was used to murder a small squirrel this morning.

Two apples and a banana.

What can cure my explosive diarrhea?

Not that I am complaining, but that makes no sense.

Fire is a method for fighting fire isn't it?

Stop your drunken rambling!

WHy the hell do I have to count to ten backwards? Why don't you do it?

Because, WiiU. That's why.

Why does the new Nintendo console sound like the waaaabulance?

Hey, I never got the instructions!

What have you done?!?! I specifically told you not to enter THAT room!

I would tell you, but I have to kill you.

Why are you carrying that bag that is dripping with blood?

At least I admit I do it.

Good lord, are you flobbernacking with the seamstress?!

Pory no function sleep well without.

Are you malfunctioning?

Holy!? What happened!

What do you think of my latest holy resurrection?

It means pedal your flipping giblets out!

*points to a wet floor sign* what does the sign say?

demopan, of course.

What is the best way to remove unsightly acne?

My shower is on fire!

Hey man, whats the status with the spider living in your shower curtains?

You know, you make a good argument.

Because, cats. Right?

uhhh.... armorgames?

What is this thing I found in the depths of hell?

Just don't go overboard with it.

Can I use this rainbow ray to make sydney more fabulous?

I haven't cleaned out my fridge in two years!

Why is there a fungus growing inside the fridge?

Ok, just don't press the red button.

can I look at your badges?


How many shot's did you drink to be hanging on the top of the courthouse?

You're paying for that!

Is it ok that I broke your priceless vase collection?

random dancing.

What does Master Chief do on his night out?

Up, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down.

Put in a cheat code!

I...I don't even...how!?

*while playing fighting games*
How the hell did you do that?!?!?

Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T

Are you ok? Speak to me man!?

Dude, lay off those okay...

More and more can I have more rainbow bubblegum?

No you left it in your trunk.


Not at this hour!

Let's go slender man hunting...

Three arrows.

Hey I remember when that guy used to be a great adventure. What happened to his knee?

With principals of general psychology.

How do we rot this guys puny brain?

Pff, you call that a story?

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