If this is the answer, what is the question?

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*Burns with flamethrower*

Oh crap...

Where's that shipment of spoiled oysters?

It's not easy you know.

Dude, all you had to do was listen to Nickelback all day!

Well, at least he won't forget next time!

Did that guy get killed because he didn't take out the trash?

Not interested.

Allow me to put this tube steak in your nose.


Did you know that the average wale can feed a small village in Africa or an single house in America?

I'll take the old one.

Which prostitute would you like, good sir?

Sex with you is like watching scientific wrestling...<.<

Would you prefer my old avatar over the new one?

A duck.

Which animal reproduces primarily through rape?

The colors... they're very colory...<.<

Do you have anything to say after getting out alive from the burning marijuana plantation?

Saint Jimmy.

What do you want your nickname to be?

But the mussels are still tasty!

How can you possibly stomach that seagull's stomach contents!?

A nice big serving of PUNCH TO THE FACE!

What's for dinner dad?

More homework.

What can I do after I'm finished my homework?

That seems rather awkward

What do you think about this new form of exercise I made?

seven shots.

How many more drinks until I can jump that gap between these buildings?

A knife and a coconut.

What did you use to blackmail that man?

I did.

Who's the mofo that ate all my chips?!

Not even close to far enough away.

I lost the ball how as my drive?

No you lost.


No U

Didn't you do it?

I give up!

Good, now balance an apple on your nose while whistling the star spangled banner while balancing on a tight-rope!

Dammit, this is impossible.

After a loss in Tekken.
Continue? 9 8 7 6 5....

We should strike!

How do you win in bowling?

12 years old.

How old is this jack-ass teabagging me?

So...are you angry about that?

Did that dog just run off with my baby?

Lets burn down the playground.

I'm bored. What should we do?


What was the villains name in resident evil 5?

I know you are mad, but ya gotta believe me!

Do you expect me to believe that a bunch of flying monkeys took my prized NES cartridge collection ?!?!?!?

No, I asked you first.

Can you tell me the name of YOUR warthog?

I have had enough.

Would you like more waffles sir?

Potato ice lollies.

What's that weird thing on your mouth?

Why thank you.

That is the most horrific excuse for a thesis I have seen! You know that?

With a Dalek Double Delight!

how would you like your sonic screwdriver sundae?

with bombs.

Best way to destroy the house of commons?


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