If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Excuse me what section of the store would I find the towels in?
Only An Australian or someone from New Zealand would get that one.

The gentleman's guide to knife fighting.

What do I bring with me to a fight?

A sword for you.

All these Space Marines got guns what do I get?

Nah it's legal.

Can you bone a bag of bones in North Korea?



What's seven times seven?

And yes I know that's wrong

No it really shouldn't, but it has now....

Was that thing supposed to inflate?

It had it, don't look at me!

What did you do with the cat and the box after you picked them up?

I think it's just embarrassing.

What do you think of the state of the US government.
This is gonna bite me in the ass some day, isn't it?

She was 10 at the time.

Wait why am I going to jail?

The quickest man in the world.

Who should be more represented in Injustice: Gods Among Us?


We need to send a town into space. Which is the most expendable?

All the Tea in China and England combined.

How much do we need to drown America?

I'll go.

Who's going to be the one to do jackass stunts in our crap youtube video?

Blue obviously.

What color do you think would taste the best?

There isn't nearly enough of that going on.

Where's all the fine idiot hunting?


Which is your favourite Team Fortress team?

Johnny Cash.

Who sings Ring of Fire?

I am Arthur of Camelot!

You there boy who are you?

No just mental.

Is that a bone sticking out of your face?


So what did you thing of my song?

Get out of my kitchen!

What is the one word that defines your love life?

Too soon.

Did you hear the joke about the School bus that crashed this morning?

Make a birdhouse in your soul.

How do I cure cancer of the imagination?

Red, red, blue.

What is the route to unlock the shortcut on that race in Lego Racers on the moon?[1]


[1] Sometimes.

Mmm this powdered steak is delicious what additive did you use?

Seven failed animes.

What did you invest that money I lent you on??

A large green towel.

How will we clean this nuclear meltdown?

Japan, 1534.

When was the closest date to Nobunaga Oda and where?


What never repeats?

Well that would hurt.

What did the fella say?

Paranoid Androids.

If you duplicated Marvin, what would you have a group of?

Riven free week.

If I didn't play the sequel to Myst for a week what would that be called?

....You scare me.

Babyflesh is tender, but tastes kinda funny...

Just, no.

If I put my hands on my hands on my breasts, will they expand?

Yes! YES!

What if I told you M.Bison can beat the shit out of anyone what would you say?

The most broken of logic.

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