If this is the answer, what is the question?

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What is the one word that defines your love life?

Too soon.

Did you hear the joke about the School bus that crashed this morning?

Make a birdhouse in your soul.

How do I cure cancer of the imagination?

Red, red, blue.

What is the route to unlock the shortcut on that race in Lego Racers on the moon?[1]


[1] Sometimes.

Mmm this powdered steak is delicious what additive did you use?

Seven failed animes.

What did you invest that money I lent you on??

A large green towel.

How will we clean this nuclear meltdown?

Japan, 1534.

When was the closest date to Nobunaga Oda and where?


What never repeats?

Well that would hurt.

What did the fella say?

Paranoid Androids.

If you duplicated Marvin, what would you have a group of?

Riven free week.

If I didn't play the sequel to Myst for a week what would that be called?

....You scare me.

Babyflesh is tender, but tastes kinda funny...

Just, no.

If I put my hands on my hands on my breasts, will they expand?

Yes! YES!

What if I told you M.Bison can beat the shit out of anyone what would you say?

The most broken of logic.

What would you call the statement: "dragons are real because xylophone"?

Michael Bay.

Who ordered the 37 tons of C-4?

Only on Wednesday.

Excuse me sir. When can we have another meal?

My calculator can spell Boob!

What is the most immature thing you can think of right now?

Is it an English or an African swallow?

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

We lost several of our best cats.

Fatalities on the kitten war?

Wires. Lots of them.

Ok to disarm this bomb you need to open the panel. What do you see inside?

Don't cut the red one.

What the hell do I do now?!


10 + 32- 5+ 4+1=?

3. The answer is clearly 3.

What's the best Devil May Cry game?

Lux Aeterna.

What's a really pretentious Latin name for my band?

A duvet, a hot chocolate, and a marathon of Ghibli movies.

How do I spend my evening?

Flames. Lots and lots of flames.

What's the best way to deal with spiders?

Don't be stupid! It goes in the toilet bowl!

How should I hide the body?

Never quit.

Should I quit?

Eat nails!

What's the best way to cure a stomachache for April Fools?


Where is the Old World?


What is my battle cry?

Go to hell.

What is the tagline of Dante's Inferno?


EDIT: Haha that was pretty good, well played.

What game started the "And that was the nth time I died" joke from unskippable?

Running around in my banana shoes.

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