If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Can you make a bunch of words sound like a child is saying them??

The 'p' key on my keyboard

What is the most immature thing for a PC?

So it was a girrafe that did it.

How did my shoes get on that phone line?

An insomniac chinchilla.

Who keeps throwing banana's at me when I'm trying to sleep!?

A good ol' Falcon Pawnch to the face.

How do you "fix" stupid?

Last time I ate live hedgehog...

When was the last time your throat bled??

Under my mug of tea

Where is the table?

I don't know, ask my penis.

Have you ever tasted a rainbow?

It's just the best thing since sliced bread!

How good is that toast?

I wear it around my neck!

How do badasses deal with large, poisonous snakes?

That guy over there.

Where did that money-shot go? Uh, who farted?

Only once, and I didn't really like it.

Have you experimented with....bungee jumping?

Throw the cats! It's the only way!

We are being attacked by old women. How do we fight them?

We all fell down.

Were did everyone go.
Look out! It's coming towards us!

Has any one seen that large ball covered in spikes?

A pope, some soap and some dope.

Why are you reading Candide?
Stop! He'll kill us!

*Ding dong* There's a guy with a hockey mask at the door should I let him in?

Deep sleep.

Why are you sleeping in class Mr. Susse?
Quick, bring me my Legos.

There's a creeper at the door can you build us some protection?

My hand caught fire.

Why were you not cooking with oven mits?
Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

what was the cat saying to me?

I thought you said "shot me, I'm a moose."

Why are you in a room with a moose!? (loved Invader Zim)
No, not my leg!

Whose stump is this?

The glass around your feet.

What protected me from the foot rapist?

George was not breathing after he ate that squirrel.

@Geth I laughed a lot with that one :)

OT: So what's Gorge doing these days?

A boy band and a wood chipper.

How do you make modern art that everyone will appreciate?

Some purple cardboard.

What will feature on next week's episode of Art Attack?

A builder with a frying pan obsession and the voice of an angel.

Ahri, who is your ideal man?

They're for my local archaeology project.

The world is being overrun my mummies! How did this happen?

According to Jane....no.

So, Tarzan, I hear you're a pretty good lay. Is that true?

Ok, maybe I did it more than once.

How many times did you masturbate over me?

You know it was the frogs that destroyed the death star.

Why do you think the star wars ending was a cover up?

Hailstones and bowling balls

Mummy what killed our puppy?

Belly button lint.

"We just built a subterranean dungeon next to the hero's hometown; what should we fill our loot chests with?"


Why did you put that as your answer? The right answer is 29.
Aw, he looks so cute.

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