If this is the answer, what is the question?

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What is your god?

Metal Gear!

Now son, what was the name of the toy you wanted for Christmas?

An errand gone wrong.

1 + 1 =


How many meals have you eaten so far today??

Chemistry is the answer!!!

why did the chicken cross the road?

a giant sized dalek

How should we going about bringing peace to the world.

Chess with real people.

Now, what should we do with this army of duochromatic mind controlled slaves?

Your superconductory electromagnetism is no match for my SCIENCE!!

so... you think you can beat me?!


Who is undoubtedly the master of disaster, and the king of badassery???

A small whirlpool.

Ok how are we going to improve this chocolate fountain?

The D key on a computer.

What is necessary for looking up hot women on the internet???

flip flops

What in the name of sanity are you wearing!?

It's worked wonders for me!

Why are you balancing a bucket of urine on your head??

Not since last June.

Are you sure you haven't eaten a dead prostitute recently?

Why, she said that she wanted to. How was I supposed to know that it would kill her!

overpuce, what do you have to say for yourself before this court?

I'm afraid I'm missing a letter w, a letter e, and t, part of the letter r, c, most of the asdf and the any key.

Why the hell are you always Typing in l33t/Haxx0rz speak?

18. Nothing less than that.

Overpuce, what is your preferred age for boyfriends?

It was laggy. I had no choice but to unleash the kraken.

Really, now tell the truth, how did your car get destroyed?

It was MammothBlade. There's no other answer that need be given!

He sneaked into my room last night???


What's a person who studies Whore Culture called again?

I guess you could do that... but are you really sure you want to?

Hey, mind if I gouge your eyes out??

B sharp.

What's the key in which the legendary Brown Note is located again?

That falls under Hazing, which is not allowed.

Can I shave his eyebrows??

Windows Vista.

What's the best operating system for hunting Moose?

Those small lights in the corner of you eye.

How do you know I feel like crying??

Not in this lifetime!!

When are we going to go out to the discos with Rebecca Black and Gilbert Godfreid?

I told you the answer to that the last time I punched you in the taint.

Can you get me a beer?

Nah! no plans tonight.

Doing anything?? Want to come over and help me destroy the universe??

Maybe next Wednesday, we'll see.

When should I throw this off milk out??

Two lovely hats.

I've lost all my clothes, how will I cover up when I go out in public???

Retro, it's all retro.

What the hell it going on with your room decor?

He went down quickly, like a sack of doorknobs.

What happened after you hit him????

Just don't touch anything...

Hey why's that counter counting downwards? What did you say again?

In 15 minutes...

when did you last propose to someone? You drank so much!

Violin strings, they always work!

I've got this giant gap in my front teeth. What can I use to floss?

You don't know? You punched the bitch in the face!

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