Describe your sex life with a video game title!

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Beyond Good and Evil 2.
Yeah, as of now, I'm asexual, so yeah. Not actually a thing that exists.

Still, if someone can use "Amnesia: Dark Descent," I pray for you.

Left 4 Dead. *sadface*

STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl! *hehehe* (regarding my birth country awfully accurate - I'm from Ukraine)

Nah, just kidding. It's more of Thief 2 - I appear, take your belongings (aka get the job done) and go away until I need it again. Which doesn't happen all to often. Not interested too in any kind of intercourse with women I have no other interest in than their bodies.


awwwwww yeah

the fact that it is rated ages 8 and up makes it even better

Far Cry.

"Describe the last shit you took with a movie title" threads are much more amusing though. ;)

Alone in the Dark.
Surprised nobody took that yet.
EDIT: Fuck, OP took it.

Bad Company ;). Nah I'm only kidding.It'd be Final Fantasy.

The Longest Journey

Animal Crossing!......wait what are we doing...uh.

Got another one - Max Payne. For all the masochists out there.

Uh, Biohazard?

Tales of Innocence.

Took me a LONG time to find one, and in the end, the title I was looking for isn't even released outside of Japan...

FYI, my GF and I are still very much in the innocent phases. We cuddle and kiss and that's about as far as we've gone so far. :) And that's fine by me. I like where we are. It's nice.

Wasteland. :P

I'm in a dry spell at the moment.


awwwwww yeah

the fact that it is rated ages 8 and up makes it even better

Nothing will ever beat this as far as I'm concerned. You sir, have won the thread.

EDIT: Unless there's an actual videogame called "Wanking and sobbing into my pillow twice a day" that is.

Split Second: Velocity
For those with prematu. . .well, you know

Mass Effect.

That's right, I went there.

Also, Call of Duty .

No Shadow of the Colossus yet?

For shame.

Tomb Raider :D

Also Bioshock

Metal gear solid.

Damn right i'm equipped.

Or on some nights, the frozen throne.

world of goo

That's right, I went there.

Command and Conquer 5.
For those that don't know, that doesn't exist yet.


Still, if someone can use "Amnesia: Dark Descent," I pray for you.



Beat Hazard.


And yet it moves

no, I'm just kidding, more like Fable

Final fantasy .

Get it because theres not just 1 final fantasy!

Thats when i am alone .

With my girlfriend it's sin and punishment ... Don't ask

Mass Effect 3.
It's uncomprehendably amazing, until the last tweleve seconds, then I usually get stabbed.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
Well once I finally get to the last boss, we'll fix that won't we. ^_^


As someone who can't have sex until marriage for religious reasons, it's gonna be while...


Nah, I'm kidding. More like Uncharted. As in, it hasn't happened yet.

Deus Ex. Because I am a god in the sack. Heh, I kid I kid. Resistance is actually more accurate but what can I say? I'm not exactly Hugh Hefner.

Perfect World.

D'awww... how romantic. Yeah, it's in a good place right now with a man I love.


that should be enough for you

I wish there was a "Forever Alone" game, but I'm gonna have to go with "Dead Space". I've hit the sack with some girls that make a necromorph look good. Poor Issac, all alone and dreaming of a hot girl.

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