Escapist Challenge: Your Avatar's Theme Song

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For Azrael, the angel of death, there aren't many songs that are quite... fitting

I eventually went with the Dies Irae, a a beautiful yet haunting medieval era chant praying for the souls of the departed.

Something pretty close to this:

Heck, that practically IS their actual theme songs :P

"Everyday's great at your Junes"

Well since my avatar has a theme song....

Mu-12 FTW!

Too obvious? Ok, how about...


Does this mean I should change my avatar?

Well... no surprise here.

Calvin is an egomaniac and Scott Hall was awesome, it fits.

I got plenty to choose from (Smile, oink oink oink song and etc)-

well that was easy
kingdom hearts 2 still has my favorite OST of all time.

I suppose this:

It's this:

And now chibi Priscilla will ask if you would kindly leave her and her little world alone.

I think we all know this one already, but might as well post it :)


to those of you who actually get the get a gold star from me

OT: also I havnt finished ME3 yet, but regardless of the ending ive found it pretty amazing so far..Im not disapointed

"No, no, no Major. Not 'meow', woof, woof"

I'd recognise The Scarlet Manuka anywere :D

Somebody get the marshmallows...

First song that came to mind really. :P

Obviously it's this!

Ring man's theme from mega man 4... Wow nobody is going to get that.

Gee I wonder what my Blackadder Avatar's theme is?

Because it totally makes sense and kinda obvious...also MEGADETH!!!!

Do I really have to... -_-

Mine is incredibly easy, as MandoPony and AcousticBrony, two extremely talneted youtubers, already went through the trouble of making Rainbow Dash his own theme song already:

Rainbow Dash his own

his own



On topic: Some really cool stuff in this thread guys.

I've found a lot of great music that I know I never would have had any chance of finding. :)


Do I really have to... -_-

Yes. Yes you do.

The most interesting video on youtube.



Well this was the music that was playing at the part where I got my avatar from so I'm going to go with that. It's quite catchy to boot.

They played the Battletoads theme song on One Piece...? Or is that from, like, an abridged series or something? lol

It's from the craziest abridged series I know know as None Piece. The new episode came out a week ago and I thought this part would make a good avatar so I made it.

That is awesome, I'll have to watch the other episodes.

OT: Gotta be, specifically the first part:

Well, she's from a Kyoto Animation series, so there's probably a character song somewhere.

I'll be right back. To Wikipedia!


She has six, but I'll only post one.

As my avitar is just a red background with my name on it I guess that means I am my avitar in a weird way. Anyway here is what I The7Sins thinks would be my avitar's and by extention my theme.

Well, my avatar is a picture of Emilie Autumn, so... Any Emilie Autumn song?

I'd say "4 o'Clock" specifically.

Nothing specific. so something at random.

Since my avatar is based on a guy "air-singing" it wasn't that hard to find the theme music.

00:17 to 00:23 is my avatar.

Kanbaru Suruga

Already has one!

Creepy stuff that!

I really have nothing to say, except this theme is epic...

I think we all know what Rainbow Dash has as HER theme song

Like A Boss!

...Well, that was easy.

It's difficult to find something for weird looking awesome Batman.

I don't know how to embed it here.

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