Welcome to the Salty Spittoon, how tough are ya?

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I'm so close that I opened a door and walked inside while only taking a 5 minute breather in between.

You're all out of control! This thread is out of control! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so tough that I ate the lowest spicy sauce at Nandos...I think I win. :)

I'm so tough I use the wrong version of "your" on purpose.

I'm so tough that I dipped my fingers in a bowl of water, and only the skin and muscle tissue dissolved.

I'm so tough I once sat and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas...and only cried for 15 minutes afterwards.

I'm so tough I dressed up like a ninja on pirate day.

I'm so tough I once ate a jawbreaker...and only broke 23 teeth.

I'm so tough I once punched a fly and was able to escape before it ate me.

i'm so tough... i told an "aristocrats" joke on /b/ ...and only felt forever alone for 1 whole week when no one replied.

I'm so tough that I ate an entire box of bricks... and only suffered minor internal bleeding.

I'm so tough I once ate a book...I fractured 5 ribs because of it.

I'm so tough I watched the Hunger Games movie.. and only looked away for 9/10 of the movie.

I'm so tough I stood up to the school bully...I remained in the hospital for 2 months after.

I'm so tough I didn't cry when playing Journey.

I'm so tough I dressed as Spock...at a Star Wars convention.

I'm so tough that I want to glomp a girl and never let go when I'm scared. Which is all the time.

I'm so tough that I play JRPG's for fashion advice.

I'm so tough I change my captcha until I get something I like

I'm so tough, I typed this with just one finger.

I'm so tough I smashed 3 spiders in 4 minutes!

I once bumped a thread and I didn't even break a sweat

I'm so tough that I've cut back to one night-light.

I'm so tough that I can go out after dark for a whole 30 seconds before running back inside

I'm so tough I eat concrete for breakfast.

I'm so tough I sleep on a spring mattress.

Awesome and original thread idea OP, nice :).


I'm so tough that I run around all the time even though the likely hood of tripping and getting a booboo is high.

im so tough ill thank Nouw and then keep this thread going

imma so tough... i once stroked the hair of a magic troll and only got girl puppy cooties for a week.

I'm so tough that I don't cry when I stub my toe.

Im so tough i played Russian roulette with a loaded Glock and won

I'm so tough I beat down an angry mob, with words

imma so tough... i only broke all my toenails when a bunch of liberal arts graduates threatened to spit on me till i die from it.

Not to brag or anything...

But I can swim without floaties.

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