First World Problems

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The price of gas went up 10 cents in two days.

I can never get into an mvm server and try coop on tf2.

I have to go out to get Pizza...but I am so comfortable here...

I can't walk while playing SpaceChem!

(Said by me, yesterday, after installing it on my tablet and trying to take it everywhere.)

I have to go to bed and be up early in the morning...but I want to stay up.

My arm feels funny when I sleep on it.

Tweeting that you'd like to have an ice cream cone, someone tweets you back offering to bring you an ice cream cone, and you complain that it's not the kind you would like to have.

Motion games are intended to be played while standing up, but I want to sit and play them.

There is lots of things to eat...but none I want...

I have to bike 30 minutes to get to collage even though I could just take other forms of transportation!

Persona 4 Arena got delayed again...

I have about 40 games that I've never played sitting on my bookshelf but would have to give up my social life to play them...

I want to play Skyrim, but I also want to play Kingdom Hearts 3D...and Devil Survivor Overclocked...and Theatrhythm *sobs*

I have to choose between a Vita or a 3DS, but I want both.

I want to play Devil Survivor: Overclocked to see all the new endings and voice acting...but I played the DS version so much that I am too tired to keep playing.

I only have 2 screens, so if I want 3 windows open at once I have to half and half one of them.

I want to open more tabs, but my browser gets slower if I do...

If I sleep with all 5 of my pillows then my head is too high but if I put some on my chair then my back gets uncomfortable.

I want to lie on my side for my laptop, but it is inconvenient.

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