Gordon god of bad decisions

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Try asking for one from the CIA...

Gordon, how do I improve my ability to move quietly?

attach mines to the bottom of you shoes, you'll move so carefully you'll be sure not yo make a noise.

Gordon, what is the meaning to live, the universe and everything?


Gordon, what should I buy for a suit of armour?

Captcha: Think Hard :3

A pink apron, you will look fierce in battle.

Gordon, what weapon should I use in battle??

Your brain, with your spine it makes an excellent flail

Gordon, should I stop giving people advice?

No, but you should get drunk before dispensing it in future.

Gordon, how can I tell if I've had too much to drink??

by drinking until you black out, depending on how many drinks it required you will find out.

Gordon, what is my name?

The only way to know that is to jump off a twenty story building, then read your tombstone....

Gordon, how can I tell if I have any super powers??

Jump off a building.

Gordon, How can I woo the ladies?

By becoming a Pony. :D

Gordon how do I get a crowbar?

try fighting that freeman dude, worked out for other poeple.

Gordon, what is my mission?

To sneak into the ladies' toilets....

Gordon, how can I kill the next person to post??

By becoming an Archangel and try beating him. Too bad he already sent a pedo missile at you.

The most diffficult to answer question is no question at all

Gordon, is the monster behind the rabbit?

Yes, completely disregard the rabbit, especially when it looks like it's going to go for your throat....

Gordon, what should I read today??

anything that is not a warning sign they are just depressing

Gordon, I just captured my nemesis, now what?

Let him go, see if you can do it again.

Gordon, I was just captured by my nemesis, what should I do??

Tell him he is fat. This will trigger an emotional breakdown where he re-thinks his life and lets you go.

Mr Frohman, which country has the greatest food?

Japan. Make sure to try the Rape squid special.

Gordon Freeman the brother of John Freeman the homie. What is your message to me!?

*crowbar to the face*

Gordon, how do I change my evil ways??

By asking me how to change your evil ways!

Rodgorn! What is the greatest chocolate bar?

IGood sir the greatest chocolate bar is quaddrallion choco bar made on Mars by the aliens. It's made out of NASA robots. I insist you try it.

Gordooooooon! What is the best meme ever!!

The cake is a lie. :D

Gordon, how should I get people to notice me at work?

dalek sec:
The cake is a lie. :D

Gordon, how should I get people to notice me at work?

wear arseless chaps and a mesh top.

Gorgon, what is the best way to derail a thread?

To talk about your problems, no matter what the thread is about.

Gordon, how can I get a date with a woman?

You can't, don't even try, but you do have a good chance of getting a date with a man.

Gordon, should I cut the blue or red wire?

Sneak in to her room and tell her you enjoy watching her sleep. It worked for Edward Cullen!

Gordon, what religion is correct?


Gordon where do babies come from?

your mom

Gordon, why did you not answer my question?

nuba km:
your mom

Gordon, why did you not answer my question?

Because you ninja'd the person after you... I'll answer it if you like. Neither hit the thing with a hammer instead,

Gordon, how do I avoid getting ninja'd?

Gordon, How can I ninja a user?

by warning them about it

Gordon, how can I break the rules?

By following them but being passive aggressive about it. Everyone loves a passive aggressive bastard.

EDIT:Gordon. How did I forget to ask a question until now and how do you recommend I fix this in the future

Shoot yourself in the head to jog your memory >.>

Gordon, how do I stop the visions I keep having???

Take a pencil and poke your eyes out... keep going until you keep the back of your skull.

Gordon, how should I keep this salad fresh?

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