Gordon god of bad decisions

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The right question to ask would be. Gordon, how do I rekindle the romance that I had with The Night Angel?

Gordon, what's the right way to screw in a lightbulb?

All he has to do is ask :D

Wet your hands and the bulb, and make sure the switch is on....

Gordon, how do I get stormshaun to confess his feelings??

By beating it out of him until he tells you what you want to hear. Isn't domestic violence fun?

Gordon, where can I find this swagger that people talk of?

The best way is to cut them open and see if it's inside them.

Gordon, how do I prevent the police from catching me?

hide in the open dressed as wallie/waldo no one would suspect you do it.

gordon, how to I make a dinosaur out of plants?

By time traveling back to the period that contains your desired dinosaur, ask it to stay still while you make a plaster mold of it and then use that to shape your hedges as desired.

Gordon, what's the best way to kill an antelope?

using the corpse of another antelope as ammo, they won't expect it.

Gordon, how should I prepare for my exams?


Gordon, how do I learn to trust people??

By letting them take advantage of you and not be angry about it. When you have nothing left and are living on the streets, you can then trust people because you have nothing left to lose.

nodroG, how do I throw a curve ball?

Cut your thumbs off, they get in the way.

Gordon how do I save the day again??

You bend over and receive the nuclear missile that Korea fires.

Gordon how do I kill Overpuse!?

You let him shoot you in the head, then he'll be least expecting it!!!

Gordon, how do I cure my addiction to the escapist?

The same way everyone else is doing it. Purchase a jar for urine and fecal matter. Purchase some food and stay on the Escapist for a month straight. You'll die in the process but you'll be cured.

Gordon, where did I leave the slugs that belonged to these shell casing that used to be in my pistol?

in your family's heads, just like we agreed.

Gordon, how do I cook chicken?

By slicing it up and serving it as sashimi.

Gordon, What's the best way to prepare Fugu?

Jump on it repeatedly with muddy shoes.

Gordon, how do I fix my sleeping patterns??

Kill yourself and now you sleep forever...happy!?

Gordon...I WANT SOUP!

You get soup made out of Fugu. But someone accidentally added Fugu liver. You suffocate to death as the paralytic enzymes take hold.

Gordon: I wish for miso soup.

Then go steal some in broad daylight, and don't wear a mask.

Gordon, how do I pull off the perfect robbery?

You run in naked and cover your eyes since if you can't see them...they can't see you!

Gordon. How can I stop Night Angel from robbing people?

By robbing his marks first therefore he will give up his robbing ways.

Gordon. How can I stop this crime wave?

Introduce a bigger wave. Of water. Big deadly water wave thing. Ride the tsunami, baby!

Gordon, how should I upgrade my dying laptop?

With a crow bar. I do my best work with acrow bar
Gorgon how should I act normal in public?

By releasing the Kracken. If there's a Kraken on the loose, no one will mind that you're naked.

Gordon, why is my penis blue and what should I do about it?

join the blueman group

Gordon, how should I approach sensitive issues?

while drunk. You are so much better with people when drunk.
How should I study? What techniques do you suggest?

rub the books against you head and learn by diffusion.

How should I kill nyancat?

by going to youtube and watching hot problems
what time should I sleep tonight?

Sleep? You don't need it.

Gordon what game should I play?

Dessert bus. It has the best game play graphics and storyline in the world.
what is the best font to type my uni work in?

Wingdings, it will show just how unique your work is and stand out from the rest.

I believe a spider just crawled up my nose. What should I do?
captcha:it happens
Yea, tell me about it. last night it was the scorpion and the other day those flies....

Inhale through your nose????

Gordon, I have arachnophobia, how do I cure myself???

with drunkenness.
Gordon I wish for an argument.

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