Locate the Avatar above you....

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Ignoring their disclosed location (if they have one), try to imagine where in the world the person who posted above you must come from. It doesn't have to make sense or be based off intense reasoning, just give it a try!

To start off, I'll just to Yahtzee. I think he is currently in a shed in the backyard of a sharehouse in Brisbane, Australia.

He is in the basement of the tower of doom in Mordor, well at least I think there's a tower of doom in Mordor.

Kaleion comes from a world of green elves and samurai.

ChromaticWolfen is buried in an old English graveyard.

(I'm so glad you said English)

JoJo is in Happy Rapture, Raptures number one playground. Still a pretty shit place though.

ChromaticWolfen has been wandering around Melbourne after he got kicked out of auditions for Ghost Rider.

I'm guessing some-place Blue, given the background, Greenland?

Sources tell me somewhere in the Russian jungle.

In the kitchen, properly Japan.

Hiding in a cardboard box in the middle of the North Pole.

Haiti. He's a worshiper of Baron Samedi.

In whatever state Hanna Montana is in.

In Zanzibar.

Somewhere inside the holy city of Saskatchewan.

An otaku convention of some sort.

Trapped inside a doll house. Tied to the doll bed, waiting for the doll dominatrix.

That weird ass world in Japan but is covered by some kind of Magical shell...OH WAIT, the monster world!
My character's world doesn't have a name! :D

In the bushes... next to the window... overlooking the girl's locker room... at Yokai Academy.

In some fancy mansion presumably in an alternate world where women have gone crazy and have decided they are going to attack men with their breasts, so far it seems to be working with that one guy.

In a world where people's skins are so thin that wooden swords have become deadly weapons.

Mmmmm....I'm going with you girlfriends house, though the woman in the picture his her mother. :D

At overpuce's avatar's house, looking for some incest action.

In the void by the looks of it. May I ask how you got there, Looks like a nice place.

In the bushes... next to the window... overlooking the girl's locker room... at Yokai Academy.

*Runs off*

OT: Umm...I'll say at the Olympic Games.

Currently in math detention (forever) learning about the Pythagorean theorem.

They're at Sunday mass, obviously....

Wherever Metal Gear is.

BTW my avatar is a robot.

In a robotics lab.

Someplace cold but where warm clothes are not required.


A room below me that won't stop poking their ceiling with a broom handle. I hear you dammit!

A room below me...STOP ARGUING DAMN IT!

I'm trying to masturbate!...watch anime. >_>...<_<

A room above me, listening to the sounds of utterly intense, erotic and passionate fscking sounds.

Is in the room below me doing God knows what with his avatar. 0_0'

Is now on the fire escape pressing his face against the window trying to peak in. Except he's got the wrong window and is currently staring at 2 RIAA hired goons beating up a grandma who left her WLAN unprotected.

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