The five word game

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by several adorable puppies when

the biggest and most adorable

puppy decided to be adorable

and fight a dragon to

reclaim his honor, which was

lost to a grizzly bear.

The dragon was living in

A large, hollowed out turquoise[1]

[1] The color, not the mineral.

cave, which was made of

some sort of very rare

solid jam which should never

spread on a scone. Giraffe

the elephant[1] then went to

[1] So an elephant named Giraffe

the beach to see some

seals doing kickass backflips and

congratulated them on their recent

success in cloning antlions. Meanwhile

the dragon was sneaking behind

the large, rocky cliff wall

which had a dark past:

It was delicious bacon once

but then it was magically

tranformed into a bigger lump

of wax, which was slightly

warm to the touch, though

not too warm, as that

little yellow star in the

corner of the universe would

explode violently while the fiery

dodecahedron would fly off into

space if that happened. Well,

I am a sexy dinosaur

and I generally go around

not using quotation marks, said

the forum-goer. He then ran towards...

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