The five word game

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Christian Bale, who took off

all his clothes and posed

naked, mother why are you

not using quotation marks? Surely


you are aware of the"

AAAH!" He said, interrupted by

a confusing sentence structure, "This

IS SPARTAAAAAAAA! *kicks @thundero down conveniently placed well* my bad guys

and then a witch appears

she flies down the well and save the guy

and then she says something

but she was drunk, so

it did not make any sense

they then stumped on the

branch of a tree that

got in the way of

of those two characters

who were in that one

thing I watched once, what

is that over there? It

looks hungry, go Charles look...

at it. It's all green...

The horror, it's all green! *faints*

And it's creating some sort

of remembering naked Christian Bale

running around and eating a

very big pile of chewy

pencils, will I die now?

No, I will instead go

my heart also will go

but the atrocious grammar stays

because if it doesn't, we

wouldn't have many here. Champagne

, the great leader of the

badly named AA meetings walked

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