Corrupt a wish

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I don't know either :/

I wish for guitar skills

Granted... but its not what u expected it to be.

I wish for a foot massage.

Granted, but the price is absolutely ridiculous

I wish for a sword

Granted, but it's only 5cm long.

I wish for better internet.

Granted, but you can only use Internet Explorer

I wish for telekinesis

granted, but you have less time for it.
I wish I had more time for games

Granted, but you can only lift objects that weigh 1 pound and you can only move it 2.5485 inches.

I wish for world peace.

Granted, but all your loved ones shun you socially

I wish for a higher tolerance against spicy foods

Granted, but you lose the taste for chocolate.

I wish for cheetos.

Granted, but half the bag is full of air

I wish for a comic book

Granted, but half the pages are ripped.

I wish for a new X-box 360 controller.

Granted, but the button used to connect the controller to the console is broken

I wish for a chocolate chip frappe from McDonald's

Granted, but it is torn :'(

@Evil Smurf Where's your wish!?

@Evil Smurf Where's your wish!?

Where's yours?

I wish for a snake.

Granted, but it escaped from the zoo into your house

I wish for a trip around the world

Granted, but you have to walk the whole way.

I wish flies didn't exist.

Granted but now the world feels the effect of a major component of the food chain being removed, resulting in billions of people starving, economies collapsing and millions of other races dying out because of your wish.
(That isn't a corruption, it would actually happen!MWAHAHAHA, i love it when things work out)

I wish I could be a superhero.

granted, but everyone thinks you're a villain.

i wish for a better PC

Granted, but the PC can't play games

I wish for pancakes

Granted, but they're burnt and taste like cardboard.

I wish for a chocolate fountain.

Granted, but it's a different type of chocolate....

I wish for money

Granted, you get 200 Kazakhstan Tenge

I wish for ice cream

how about after I ate it?
I wish for a better wish

Evil Smurf:
how about after I ate it?
I wish for a better wish

Granted, but you're better wish is still pretty shit
I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish

Granted, but the fish is still dead

I wish for a film job

Granted, but you don't get paid.

I wish for a pet rat

Granted, but it destroys your house.

I wish for chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Granted, but the ice cream is all melted

I wish for a Coke

I wish for long hair again

Granted, it can never be washed and will always be greasy.

I wish I had short hair!

Granted, but it's military style short!

I wish for social skills!

Granted but you can only socialise in Latin.

I wish for more friends

Granted, but they all suck.

I wish for a motherfucking penguin.

Granted, but it defiles everything in sight in your house!

I wish for the Walking Dead Episode Two: Starving for Help to come out

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