Corrupt a wish

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Granted, but all your other favorite shows get cancelled in the process.

I wish Meet the Pyro came out right now instead of in 16 hours.

Granted, but it turns out to be an ad for more hats

I wish for a car

granted. It repels women.
I want to attract more women

Granted... but they're all freaky!!

I wish for a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.

Granted, same glass from 2girls 1cup!

I wish I had a cuddly toy!

granted, it is infected with the plague!
I wish this thread was necro'd

Granted, it dies horribly...

I wish for a cheesecake...

It is a lie, sorry.
I wish everybody would love my new avatar.

Granted, they still prefer your old avatar, they also steal your avatar and use it themselves.

I wish for some new shoes.

Granted, they are from a homeless man, but they're new to you.
I wish I had a burrito.

Enjoy vegan beef and cyanide.

I wish to be indestructible.

Granted but your skin will be made completely of rock, and you'll lose your sense of feeling.

I wish for a living stuffed animal.

Granted, but it's a rabid polar bear and mauls you to death.

I wish for a new PC.

Granted, but it has Windows Vista as its OS and it can't be upgraded.
I wish for a new Wii Nunchuck.

Granted, the buttons are busted and it is covered in dirt.

I wish for a new 3DS game.

granted but its that submarine game
Edit: i wish to lose weight

Granted, but your thyroid will get messed up and you'll gain even more weight later.
I wish for a new Ipod case.

Granted, secondhand, broken and riddled with feces.

I wish for a shower...

Granted, but there's no hot water left.

I wish for a vacation.

Granted, welcome to North Korea. Enjoy the prison as a captive.
I wish for a muffin.

Granted, it has no ingredients in's just a blob of tastelessness in a cup...

I wish for a new pair of glasses.

granted, they are dark glasses which boost the power of dark attacks but are no Pokemon.
I wish for a lady friend of my own

Granted, she is on her period 24/7 7days a week, she also complains about everything and is clingy.

I wish there was more time in the day....

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