(I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum section, but its the closest one I can think of, seeing as how it's a game we're going to be playing on the forum, maybe this is right. The game's just not gonna be in this thread.)

After a rather enjoyable exchange with another poster in a thread wherein we both talked like Orks from Warhammer 40k (even though the thread was about EA and The Syndicate), I noticed that it rather nicely broke up the usual vitriol of the forums and was a lot of fun both to type and for others to read.

To that end, ladies and gentlemen, we're forming a forum-wide WAAAAGH! to last for a total of three days (or as long as you feel like) wherein whatever we post, we talk and think like an Ork.
Also I encourage you to change your avatar to a picture of a Warhammer Ork, but its really just the talking and acting that's the meat of this game.

So post in this thread if you're down for turning this forum into a green-skinned horde, starting from Saturday at 12 am to Monday at 11:59 pm. Although feel free to keep on bein' orky well past that.

P.S.A quick tutorial for those who don't know, but might want to join:

Being truly orky ain't easy. There's certain aspects and vocabulary you should know. For that, here's a bit of research to help you understand the ork mindset. But there's really only 3 essential facts of ork culture you need to understand in order to pass as an ork.

Red ones go faster, and yellow ones blow bigger
There can never be too much dakka
He's the boss cause he's the biggest

Now as a quick tutorial in talking like an ork. Essentially, Orks are the natural evolution of cockney soccer hooligans 38,000 years in the future. They're loud, rude, impossible to kill, and live only to fight. Their dialogue therefore sounds a lot like Jason Statham, so it helps if you picture him saying the words you're trying to write.

For a few rules:
-words that end in "s" or s sounds and most contractions are now "z", and the "z" can be added to short words.
(guns=gunz but suppose=s'poz, we've=we'z, so=soz, got=gotz)
-The letters "th" become "d" at the beginning or end of a word, "th" in the middle becomes "dd", and "er" changes to an "ah/eh"
(with=wid, weather=weaddah, beer=beah)
-"To" changes to "ta", but "o" in the middle of words becomes a "u"
-The "g" at the end of "-ing" is always dropped, unless it's a one syllable word
(adding=addin' but sing=sing)
-The "i" in the middle of words can be changed to "oi" but its not necessary

For instance this sentence
They're nothing like they made themselves out to be.
Dey'z nuttin' loike dey madez demselvez outz ta be.
Dey ain't nuttin' loike deyz made demselvez out ta be.

A pity this never got THE IMPERIUM OF MAN COULDN'T SMASH IT DOWN! But I can make an exception for this.


as much as i love WH40K lore... this is too hard.. so ... i'm gonna halfass cheat and use a cockney translator...

Ya fin' ya can start a thread in game forumz and be aw bossy and tom Brad Pitt? nah just nah . ya gotta Scapa Fla bigger than that ya gotta be kin' Brighton Rock. kin' Brighton Rock!!!


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