You arrest the person above...

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You have the power to arrest the person who made the last post, so what do you arrest them for?

So, what am I getting arrested for?

Because turrets are cute.

because I have a .gif

Because he is clearly violating space flying laws!

Because he has nothing to do!

Because he started a new Forum Game!

Because he went on holiday :'(

For destroying more areas than you actually protect.

For using Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri ("Three-Verse Humming: Arrow-Notch Slash")!!!

That's just too lethal man especially when you don't see it coming!

Because he let all the food in the world go to waste.

For changing your avatar.

Because his avatar is sexually harassing that guy.

For staring at the secret thing.

For stealing the precious thing.

For knowing about the precious thing. "They" don't like it when you know about the precious thing. "They" rule the world in secret.

For stealing the precious thing.

Because Marisa was the one who stole it. And because you may have unintentionally made a Touhou song reference.

OT: For knowing about "Them."

For not providing the full story to me.

For assuming that the reference was unintentional.

Although I will admit I haven't listened to it in it's entirety. Although that's going to change soon...

EDIT: Darn Ninja'd.

Because I could say the exact same thing...
And because I thought I had it on my Itunes, but actually didn't?

Time to go to jail Trouble.
You might not have done anything wrong, but you've got "Trouble" in your name so I'm assuming you're a bad person.

Nero? You must be related to the Roman Emperor Nero! Off to the slammer you go!

... Because you're resisting arrest... STOP RESISTING! *tazes*

Because police brutality is bad.

because I need to protect my friends

Because you're protesting the man violently.

Because you are criticizing violence! The answer to all problems.

because alcohol is the answer to all problems silly!

No you fool! BOTH ARE!!!

Violent alcohol? brilliant!

For letting this thread die!

For thread Necromany O_O

For incorrect spelling!

For noticing that!

For having a really weird title.

For not being 1337 enough.

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