The List of People Going to Hell

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-Rock & Roller (although that's probably an understatement for me)
-"Evolutionist" I fucking hate that word. Evolution isn't a world view. It's a scientific fact. You don't call people "gravityists", do you?
-Abortionist. Again, not really a correct term.
-Fornicator. If people weren't fornicators the human species wouldn't exist. It's not a bad things.

Shutup you Gravityist! *Floats away*

"The Devil said; Come here young man. My wife and I are your biggest fan."

I don't want to go to heaven. All my friends will be in hell.

Suspect: Muspelheim.
Charges: Evolutionist abortionist "liberal" (Well, I'm practically a Bolshevik from their standards) fornicator drunk atheist.

I sound like an old cold war movie villain or something... Malicing random people with a clotheshanger in a drunken stagger while citing Darwin and sporting an Ushanka.


I do like how they've got both "homosexual" and "lesbian". Is being lesbian somehow worse, or does it discount homosexuallity somehow?


the GREATEST irony

most the people ON that list (if not all) have a better chance of getting into heaven then the people that MADE the list

cause, ya know, judge lest ye be judged
and since this smacks of the WBC
'do not hate, to hate your brother is to murder him and there is no room in heaven for murderers'
not the exact passage but mostly how its worded

All of us. Every single one of us have probably committed a sin, and according to these people, that's apparently enough. So, see you all there! (Bring BBQ and your own beer).

Well, not sure why they put Democrat and Liberal as separate. Oh, wait. It says "Demoncrat." That's cute.

So... Demoncrat
Homosexual (Sometimes)
Abortionist (Now they're just making up words)

They also misspelled "Fornicators."

I'm surprised they didn't put up "Thinkers" as well, given how little thought was put into this sign.


-Rock & Roller (although that's probably an understatement for me)
-"Evolutionist" I fucking hate that word. Evolution isn't a world view. It's a scientific fact. You don't call people "gravityists", do you?
-Abortionist. Again, not really a correct term.
-Fornicator. If people weren't fornicators the human species wouldn't exist. It's not a bad things.

Shutup you Gravityist! *Floats away*

I'd be on there for Rock&Roller at least. I'm not sure if "abortionist" refers to somebody who has gotten an abortion or somebody who is pro-choice. If the latter, I'm an abortionist as well. "Evolutionist" (lolwut) would also describe me.

Huh. Guess I'm thrice-condemned to an eternity in Hell. Yay?

Drunk (Occasionally
Pothead (Again, occasionally)

I'm going to hell, because I don't want to be where this guy is.

- Drunk
- Rock & Roller
- Atheist
- Abortionist

They forgot a few things:
- Annoying
- Laugh at people getting hurt
- Hysterically laugh at people getting really hurt

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

Hmmm. I'm an atheist and an excommunicated Catholic. Wonder if I can go to Hell for both?

Casual Shinji:
Wait, I'm a Catholic and I'm going to Hell?

Yep. Apparently Catholics are the "Whore of Babylon" or something like that according to some of the end-time fanatics, ignoring the standard anything-not-my-denomination-is-EVIL mindset some people get*. I'm led to believe Catholics were the go-to source of the Antichrist until Tim LaHate... er, Tim LaHaye came along with some badly-written books and moved some of the crazy crosshairs from the Pope to the UN Secretary-General.

(* Ah, I remember one day on Cookin' Cheap when the hosts mentioned they belonged to different churches, which for some people in that part of the States is akin to eating babies on the altar. One of them commented that "All that changes is the name on the hymn books." A rather relaxed and pleasant religious message, so of course it came from a low-budget cooking show.)

Let's see...

Rock & Roller
Catholic (well, technically Pastafarian)

In all honesty, fuck the WBC

I'm not going to hell because I'm literally none of the above. However, I'm going to hell because I'm a shitty human.

Fuck I'm an atheist and my favorite part of the family are jehovah witnesses... (they preach an awful lot but they're alot nicer and saner than the rest of my family).

Looks like I'm burning in hell.

Now jokes aside; according to the list, I am going to hell because of:

Rock and Roll
Being a Wordly Luke-Warm Once Saved Always Saved Christian. Huh, I thought that the Bible said that once one asked Jesus to forgive for their sins, they were alright? So much for being a Christian!

It's people like this that make decent Christians look bad.... *Facepalm*

That's piratically telling me that my "Free Will" and the act asserting my opinion is considered a SIN since I'm not a Rock artist but like their music, fornicated a lot since I haven't found that "special someone" in my life to marry and is a hardcore Atheist after the age of 16 after being raised as a Roman Catholic and find the thought of watching two hot lesbians making-out HOT.

...Can I bring my suntan oil with me when I go to hell?

Sorry, I'm not gonna join your BORG/Religious collective since you people just put "Christan" in-front of almost everything deemed evil, change it drastically and call it a-OK! like Christian-rock for example, I'm surprised they still have any faithful followers fpor their religion after all that crap they pulled during the Crusades.

To think most of this present day people's ancestors joined their religion out of FEAR for their lives rather than fee will...

Rock&Roller, Democrat, Liberal (in my opinion, these do not exclude each other (German speaking, so no messed up US-politics), Atheist ("believe), catholic (christened), I guess Rich People (that is, my family is quite wealthy) and, like every thinking person on god's green earth (lawl.): Evolutionist

Hey, WBC guys? You know that funny big book that everyone is always talking about? Oh, you know, the Bible? I think there was a thing in there talking about not judging people.

I guess I'd be going to Hell for being Catholic? Um... okay.
I like how there's nothing on there about going to Hell for being a bigot and a fanatic.

Well, that's the WBC for ya: Proudly making every other religious individual clutch their head in disgust since... whenever they were founded.

Well, more than one religion says everyone who is not part of their faith is going to hell, so every person on the planet is considered to be hellbound by somebody.

As for that poster, although I'm registered Democratic, I'm not sure I'd call myself a democrat or liberal. I just vote for the party that's not as publicly bugfuck insane. "Evolutionist" is a stupid term, and I'm not going to call myself one, although the people who made that word up would consider me one.

I am an atheist though, so I'm on the list, and I'll say I think it's far better to be on the list than off.

Sweet all my heroes and interesting people are in Hell.
Thank you WBC, you have removed my fear of death,



I saw this picture in an article (I don't know where it came from originally), so I thought I would play a fun game.

I'm going to ask all of you for fun whether or not you're going to hell and to list the reasons why? I doubt anyone on these forums will be able to go to heaven.

I'm going to hell for being a:
Rock n' Roller

Post your results as such, and have fun!

Oh dear. It appears I'm having a 'some people make me embarassed that I'm a Christian' moment here. Well if I can be optimistic for one second, at least this person's blind, festering, hatred doesn't discriminate.

Same here, man. I'm a Southern Baptist myself, but it turns out that no one is safe.

"Rock&Roller", technically Catholic, lukewarm, and that's all for that list. Funny how most of that list is other Christians.


Seventh-day Adventist is a Prod sect that flows the Jewish Sabbath day of Saturday(blasphemy I know)

I think the Luke Warmer is simply a person who gose though the motions at church(a pew warmer) & stops flowing the teaching the moment the doors open. (short version of Luke 12:35)


Well, I... guess I'm not either of those things. I did rock up to church a couple times to see what all the fuss was (didn't work out) and, while Religious, I'm not a part of whatever religion these guys are, so...

Still going to hell. Eh, from the sounds of it that's where all the fun is at.

Wish people would stop saying 'evolutionist' like it's a belief system. Evolution is a fact.

Anyway, bisexual, liberal atheist and I've blasphemed a few times. Not looking good for me is it?


Clearing the Eye:

Catholics worship and revere Mary, mother of Jesus and God. This, to some hardliners, is them holding another in too high a regard, as God specifically told his people to worship none other than him.

Wait, there's people that actually believe that we worship Mary? Umm...we don't.

Catholics hold Mary in too high a regard, according to the strict rule of Christian faith. A large portion of Catholic faith is the praise of Mary for bearing Jesus and she appears as a symbol more in Catholicism than any other religion. Most every Catholic church has idols of Mary throughout, including statues, paintings, stained glass and nativity scenes.

Hail Mary

Theotokos Virgin, rejoice,
Mary full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
for thou hast borne Christ the Saviour,
the Deliverer of our souls.

Catholicism also holds the Pope in much too high esteem, with the faithful flocking from all over the world to see him. This, too, is idol worship. God wasn't fucking around when he said not to do that, lol.

I'm only going to hell because i'm homosexual
BO-RING! When I saw this thread I thought it was some silly mish-mash of character traits and i'd go to hell for being a guy that wears a watch on his right hand or something, that'd have been way more fun
*grumble grumble*
In other news, what exactly is an 'evolutionist'? I mean, I believe in the theory of evolution so does that count or do I need to go knock on peoples doors and talk about it too?

Out of the 26 things on that list, I am, have been, or will be about 17 of them. Score!! Did I win??

Sooo happy/proud to be going to Hell! Such an awesome place judging by the company.

I'm going to hell for fantasizing about stuff I clearly shouldn't be.

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