Pokemon Avatars Sign In!

I choose you, Pikachu!

Captcha: Super Star. Yes, we are.

It's a shame no-ones posted here. Avatar threads are always fun. I'd change, but as you can see, I'm too busy being Bill Grey from Star Fox... and Star Fox is just awesome.

Same, I love Happy too much to change it! If I change my avatar, it will still be of happy!

I have a Raichu (favorite pokemon) pic I like but still.

I was going to change my avatar to Pikachu but chose a smurf

i can be whaever i want!!!!

I suppose my avatar could be mistaken for a Pokemon.

no it could not :P

Hey, I don't have a pokemon avatar, either! Love me!

OT: Might change it if I can find a good psyduck avatar.

getting my avatar jazzed up. Not with Pokemon, just Smurfs

I love Raichu...But I love Happy more!

I guess Empoleon is the way to go....

You rang?

I would use this...

Or this...

Alas, I love Happy too much...


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