Never Have I Ever...

This is the age old drinking game brought to forums! I don't know if it will work, at all, on a forum.

Someone says: Never Have I Ever ...... (something). Then, someone replies to that post if and only if they have done said thing, and then says another never have I ever.

Lets see.

Never Have I Ever played a forum game before.

I've played them too many times.

Never Have I Ever Typed A Full Sentence With All Capitals.

never have I ever had a hangover

Never have I ever tried to necro a thread!

Yeah, I totally haven't necro'd a thread in my life. Honest.

Never have I acted like a tsundere! >_> <_<

Never have I ever made NPCs fight to the death for my amusement.

Never have I ever never ever'd!

...I think... There was that one time where alcohol was involved, but... no. It's best not to dwell.

Never have I ever posted after T0ad in a thread.


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