The Blue Clue

Blue Clue is a very strange game of mystery I play with my friends for many many hours.

The rules for this game are simple:

I will tell a strange story to all of you and specifically most of the times is actually is the ending of the story.

After I finish my story, you must ask me questions so you can understand what happened before the story I just told take place.

Also I can only answer all the question with "Yes", "No". If I want to help you a little, sometimes is allowed to say "Doesn't matter" to get a clue.

So let start with this story:

There is a man walking to a place.
Suddendly he decided to kill himself.
So, he decided to get inside to a high building and go to the roof to jump to accomplice that.
He finally get here after a while and he jumps!!!
While he was in the air falling to his death, suddedly his cellphones rings!!!
After he heared that, he said "Why f*cking god? WHY!?!?!?!?"

A fair warning, most of the stories I tell need a lot of hours to find what really happened. Also a good tip is to make a lot of question even some sound strange.

So with that said, lets the game begin!!!!


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