The above avatar is now your dorm/room mate. what happens?

title says it all really, what will happen if the avatar above you becomes your room/dorm mate. do you die, live, have fun, go to jail, get horribly murdered, have some "fun" nights?

It's time for some fun! *flies over the town* I wonder how exceed handle alcohol?

We can also fish for lunch! As long as it is not on a boat (I get seasick easily)

We could, I don't know, play some Chess, maybe set up dominoes, paint birdhouses... And fish with our hands. I have my priorities straight.

Mega-Man as my roommate? That would be kinda cool I guess. Provided he doesn't fire his blaster in the house.

We are going to have some great BBQ's.

I'm not letting you drive to Vegas anymore. We seem to be going in circles!

Oh great I have to put up with the skeleton/ dead jokes and puns...

Why don't you ever sleep.
Seriously the staring is creeping me out.

With Happy I can fly anywhere I want and have someone to talk to about food! (My other friends would rather not)

Kitty! Seriously, I bet we can have some fun together...

we can both fly! wicked!

We can all fly! *trio flying squad*

i fuck his fishing stick like animal!!!! then i feed the dirty furry to fishes. yay is me!

I'd make sure I'm not keeping any liquor or have any obvious secret stash spots.

I have just acquired hands, what do you do with them?

*Still partying* More fish!

Staring contest!

I don't blink and apparently, neither do you.

damn I close my eyes....*looses contest*

@EvilSmurf: NOT ANYMORE!

Also, "loses" *grammar nazi*


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