Convince us to play your favourite game!

Here's the rules.
You throw out the title of your favourite game, then you get five rules to convince me and others in the thread to play your game!
I'll start:
Fallout 3: Pop heads with a pistol!

Now you! =D

Bulletstorm. There's a wide variety of different weapons to murder dudes with, the diologue is hilarious, and the main character Grayson is voiced by Steve Blum- who also voiced Wolverine.

Devil Survivor 2: Fight demons, have them join your side, forever change the world! The lives of your friends is all in your hands and the plot changes accordingly!

Fallout New Vegas: Travel around the post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert as you fight for survival against the harsh elements, the mutated wild life, and a war brewing between two opposing factions for control of one of the last fortified safe havens in the world: The Las Vegas Strip. Will you fight for its freedom, for its oppression, for its annexation, or for your own personal reasons? Only you can decide the fate of many, so play Fallout New Vegas and choose your side.

Play Sid Meier's Alpha Centuri OR I WILL KILL YOU!


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