.....How screwed are you?

The last person you spoke with in person is now your only companion in the zombie apocalypse......... How screwed/set are you?

For me it's my Dad so I'm pretty happy :P

You do realize this is in Role Play right? Should be in off topic.

My useless fat ginger cat is my 'co-op buddy'. Let's tear shit up.

My sister.

I am so fucked. She would throw me to the zombies at the first sign of trouble. Then again, I would probably do the same to her.

We get along pretty well, but its mostly based on mutual distrust of each other.

the last guy I was on the phone to......oh fuck

Hmmm...tricky. He runs faster than I do, but I shoot better than he does.

Oh god.
My midget hipster friend.
She can barely look over a wall.

Might want to be in Forum Games...

Susan Arendt:
Hmmm...tricky. He runs faster than I do, but I shoot better than he does.

Stop! In the name of love! Why are you encouraging this heinous criminals efforts to make a thread where it doesn't belong?

Tsk Susan. Tsk...

my brother who is a agent in Israeli mosad (no really, i'm not fu***ng kidding)and he carries a dessert eagle at all times and has accsses to a arsenal of weapons so i say the zombies are incredibly f***ed.
so yeah

My girlfriend.

I am very, very fucked. Her snoring alone will attract every zombie within 10 kilometers.

...My dentist's receptionist. Fuck.

Cam girl. Don't get too excited, she's zombie food for sure.

My Dad... I.Q. 125, fit for his age, ex-military... yeah, I think I'm good.

My brother and we've made our zombie plan so I'm pretty set.
He's strong, we have a mutual trust of each other, we both know each others strengths and weaknesses well and between us there's no such thing as ego.
We're a epic tag team 'cause we understand each other so well that we don't need to talk.
So I'm gonna suvive untill we decide to go out in a blaze of glory to save our friends. (This is highly likley knowing us)

My boyfriend. Couldn't ask for anyone better.

I hardly even know this guy, so not good.

My mum, I just KNOW she's gunna make me do all the shooting. That wouldn't be so bad if she could keep up with me, which she can't

One of my good friends, so that's pretty neat. He's also not bad at shooting (I hope, he does live in Alaska after all)

If my cat doesn't count, my boyfriend. Not to bad.


He has a back condition, he probably won't be able to move faster than the zombies...

My brother, who's strong, a good driver (handy for getaways from the undead hordes) and knows how to handle a gun. I'll be just fine.

My feeble cancer ridden grandmother?

She's great to talk to, but I have a feeling we won't survive long in a zombie apocalypse.

my mum. *dies*


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