Write a short love note to the person below's avatar.

Impossible to anticipate what the avatar will be but hilarity is bound to ensue. Here goes.

Dear X,
The glint in your eye makes me weak at the knees

All the better to hunt watch you with my dear.

Dear X,
Your hair is as soft as the wool of a delicious sheep.

And do I have plenty of hair.

Dear X,
Your voice is as the gentle strum of a lute in the hands of an angel.

I do have a fine and cute voice!

Dear X
I have never seen such beautiful eyes in my life.

You turned me down in the bar, why the change of heart?

Dear X
I'm sure heaven exists, because you must be an angel.

Well, I do have angel wings!
Because I thought about it and I realized I do care!

Dear X
Nice rack!

*Blush* Well, thank you very much for noticing.

Dear X,
I would love to fall into your arms and never stop hugging you.

Aw, I knew you cared!

Dear X
I want to walk along a beach at sunset with you holding your hand all the while.

AWWW, hearing that made me...Happy (See that i did there)

Dear X,
Thinking about you made me want to write a poem

Roses are red
I'm bad with rhyming

Hope you liked it

That was.. beautiful. *sniff*

Dear X,

Am I pleased to see you or did I just put a canoe in my pocket?
What beauty, what grace.. and what a pretty face! I don't deserve someone as special as you.

Much love,


I'm seeing x's and no o's. Math, or something sinister?

Hello fellow forumer,

Just thinking about you makes me crazy,
crazy with love.

X and O's,

le snippet

Love your avatar. It reminds me of my first feeble attempts to stretch hehe.

Oh hell, not another Yandere. One's enough thank you.

Hi there,
Umm... I'm really bad at this sort of thing, but... your eyes are... okay, I guess. Not too squinty, not too dull, and... the eyebrows are okay. I guess.

Er... love,
The Doctor

*embaressed squeaking*

Dear x
You shall love me
You have no choice in the matter
Love kailus

I guess I really don't have a choice.

Dear X,
The world is over-crowded,
There isn't enough room,
Lets go Exterminating,
I Wuv U!!

Love Dalek Caan.

-The Doctor

Dear X,

I know you're probably not into the strong and silent type..
But I have a few "tests" we can run together, if you know what I mean.
*wink wink, nudge nudge*

Love and kisses,
Test Subject #1498

Dear whoever this is,

As previously stated I'm really bad at this but...

*nuke goes off*

Umm... gonna have to get back to you on that.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you reject me,

I'll have Mr. B come find you.

-A Little Sister

You stand like a delicate flower in a pile of rubble.

It's too bad you've already been taken...by Mr.Bubbles.

-Caffeinated Pundit

I...I'm not taken...*blush*

Dear X
I am the earth, you are the sun, without you, I cannot shine and will die of a frozen heart!
Love, Tizzy.

Interesting... this will be fun to observe. *shuns*

Dear x
Come with me
We shall do science together
You can have my goggles
Love kailus.

Funny you should say that..

Dear X,

Disregard my crazy obsessive boss captor overlord landlady, acquire cake hugs wealth love.

Test Subject #1498

I'll disregard her when she stops stealing my pants!

Dear X,
If you've received this letter then it is true
I deeply and truly love you
Though if you go behind my back
I'll kill you with the Cat in the Hat!

Dr. "Neronium" Susse

Ah, so kind.

Dear X,
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Your sibling/parent(s) are good looking,
but I prefer you!

Love Dalek Caan.


Dear next guy/gal,

Can you come with me for science? It is an alternate way to say love.

Love, Silent.

Oh my...I...I!? No...

Dear X
I can show you the world...shining shimmering splendid!
Love Tizzy

I cried. T_T

Dear Miss, I'd like to ask for your hand out to a date? Do you approve?

Love, Silent.

Roses are red
And violets are blue
As my friend Heavy said;

Of course I cared, dear spambot!

Dear X, the thing I love most about you is that you're an actual person, and not a spambot.
Love kailus

B-But I'm a cat! (honest)

Dear X
You are the sun and I AM HULK! HULK SMAAAAAAASH!!!
Love Tizzy.

That's deep, man. I'm not sure if those are butterflies of love or just my increased feeling of mortality.

Dear X,

The best thing about lacking eyes is nobody is sure whether you're staring at them from across the room.

My digestive system warms for you,



Dear X,

My theory is that we would work well together.

Care to experiment in this regard?

Love kailus.

Absolutely, let me know where and when.

Dear X,

I hope you have room in your heart for an alcoholic with anger management problems...

Love, Goofguy

I-I don't k-k-know what to say!?? S-S-SENPAI!! *KYAAAA*

Dear X

I vow to never take my eyes off you...unless I am about to run into a wall.

Love Tizzy.


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