What the avatar above's parents should/could be?

Supply pictures if possible. Can be insulting/inaccurate if it so pleases

high expectation Asian father

Disaster girl mother

Papa smurf and smurfette! Papa smurf likes them young...Smurfette likes em old...

A cat and a bird.

A black mage and a black wizard...

The king of cats. You are royalty good sir. Don't try to hide it, I know royalty when I see it.

@Eclipse: Derp cat?

You are the child of Zoroark and a cheetah!

Well I already know who your real parents is-

Marl and Happy

Some horse and a horsette.

Jesus this is a hard one... I'm thinking...


Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

A pony and many different paint-cans (what a slut)


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