The above avatar just walked up to you in a bar and started hitting on you

Wat do?

Kindly tell him that I'm just not interested. And if he pushes even further, grab that instrument of his and jam it up his ass.

Run away as I have no idea if I'm going to live or die before the nights out.

Is that Gus Serola? From Roosterteeth? Holy shit if it is. I don't know if I'd be honored or horrified though...
Also, hello Sassy, been a while.

Wonder if I ate something poisonous and will soon die.

Sorry bro, not robot things...

Sorry bro, not into blue cats.
Red cats however, are OK

I may have made out with a furry once, but I am not drunk enough will never again

Sorry bro, little blue people are just not that appealing to me.

I begin to question how much I've had to drink. After all, if a blue cat came up to you and started hitting on you, wouldn't you start questioning reality?

@Kironcho, nah! Just go with the flow bro!

A kirby is hitting on me...why not just do the kirby dance instead!



Are you from star fox? cause it'd be cool if you were and all, but one I'm not that into guys, and two I'm not into animals. I know you're a celebrity, but honestly, I don't love Starfox 64 THAT much

@DJ_DEnM, It's PANTHERLILY! and while he is cool, Happy is better!

I am getting hit on by 3 dudes at once? FUUUUUUUUUUUU...

*pat pat* your cute but weren't you hitting on Carla before?

Uhm... Sorry but the last time I went with an animal, it didn't end up too well...

@TizzyTheTormenter Oh sorry, how am I supposed to remember if I'm avoiding the GODAWFUL filler going on!

OT: Mayuri?! From Steins;Gate?! TU-TURU! dog thing! I already have a love interest!

Ok... maybe its just all the drinks but I could of swore we've already had this encounter...

I vaguely remember this encounter, must stay focused, I have a love time to be hit on in a bar! *runs off*

I'm flattered, really, I am, but I'm just not into that sort of thing. Aren't you a little young, anyway?

(for the avatar below)
Hey, baby, my face is non-euclidean!

Ew, not interested in people who are...ugh...non-euclidean...

For the last time, I am not going to shape shift into a fish or another cat!

A pony huh, not interested, no, not ever if yer hair flows gloriously!

You again! I told you, I'm not interested!

Black Mage huh?

Give me your knife and I promise we'll make it work.
I know you like to stab things, don't lie.

Well, after seeing you behave like that, most certainly not! *ignores*


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