Google Your name + The Hedgehog = pic?

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Max the hedgehog... I am ok with this


Alright, let's give it a go.

...honestly, it's better than I expected.

Geez louize... Graham the Hedgehog.

Also: why does Zack the Hedgehog get guns and clothes? No fair!


How bad could this be?

So apparently i'm female. And a bit kinky.

So much weirdness. /shudder

Also this. Which is freaking adorable

Brandon the Hedgehog. I'm sure it can't be that bad.

After this, I'm probably not the only one considering changing their name.

EDIT: Oh god there's a video too. I like the part where he battles the tent.


You know what I found? YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND???



For the fact that I do not want to reveal my real name to the internet, I will be taking the persona of a 'Neil'. I still pray to god for some inexplicable reason.

That didn't turn out so bad. Although I'm not quite sure if it's a 'Hedgehog'. Also, why does a masculine name turn up a female character? Wait, I'm questioning Sonic The Hedgehog fandom...

Oh, god. And now a music video set to "Numb" by Linkin Park. Please, kill me.

This Brandon image Funny I have the same hair style too.

I did not have safe search on that may have been a mistake. Here is the second image:

I hate this stupid game:

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with mine?

I had no idea that there was this much Sonic fanart.
Anyway, it seems that my name is too rare and none of the results have anything remotely to do with a hedgehog. So I googled my forum name but without the 77.

OK, first we have

Next is

Am I understanding this correctly that Anarchy Beryl is an actual character in the Sonic universe?
(For the record, I'm neither a Saint nor an Anarchist.)

Ian the hedgehog is depressingly bad...

So much fucking sonic fanart!!

Nick the Hedgehog:

That's some serious Grade AAA WTF right there.


This is Zeren. What am I looking at exactly?

This is Brian. Terrible color scheme.


there is no troy the hedgehog. Tremble, mere mortals!

well, except for a youtube tribute to an actually dead hedgehog.

Oh God... Oh god...


I remember why I hate the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase...<.<

My name has its own wiki.

Also, here are some fanmade Sonic characters from the same search.§ion=&q=Walter+the+Hedgehog#/d57z3rm§ion=&q=Walter+the+Hedgehog#/d1m9er0

Not as bad as I thought they would be.

I must admit, it reminds of me when I wore my leather trench coat.



Charles the Hedgehog


So I'm Sonic's uncle? That's cool I guess.

Holy shit what're the odds we'd post the same pic one after another.
Hi Charles I'm Chuck

Nice to meet you Chuck. I actually like to go by Charlie, but I decided to use my actual name when I googled for that pic.

I go by Chuck but my real name is Carl.
Small world much?
Also my dad goes by Charlie.
We are special for we are both sonics uncle!

"seth the hedgehog"


*cries some more*

My name is pretty unusual. I only know 1 person with my name, and he's named after me.

umm.. yeah.

Other than this there's a piece of flan some artist with the same name as me made, a generic picture of sonic, some other pictures that have something sonic about them, and the occasional picture where my name is accedentaly in the file link. So this is my snowboarding grape flavored guitar playing hedgehog.

EDIT. as a bonus, here's

Greg is pretty close to my real name, and i just wanted to horrify you.

Mine is actually kind of badass.....I don't even like Sonic lol

Other one not so badass but not terrible either.

So your name is Jonathan too?

I guess it could be worse...

This is possibly the creepiest discovery on the internet, I had no idea that there was such a volume of obsessed Sonic fans, so weird.

Figured Jake would be cooler, oh well.

You guys got nothing - I got my own video! D:

I too am in this club, it is priceless.

I'd also like to say your avatar is fantastic.

Oh God... Oh god...

I remember why I hate the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase...<.<


Proving once again that the Sonic-fandom are a bit off their rockers. After all of this, we're gonna have to bury this thread for at least a 100 internet cycles.

You guys got nothing - I got my own video! D:

Pretty much just this, but I also found this

Well I decided to join in and this is what I found

Aw jeez just look at the comments this is either the worst or the best, I can't decide.

I used both my real name and my pen-name. Presenting Cody and Christopher the Hedgehogs:

Incidentally, Chris's outfit reminded me slightly of Billie-Joe Armstrong, and so, thinking I would get no relevant results, I searched that.

Is there a Rule of the Internet that states "if you can think of it, it exists?" Sort of a non-sexual Rule 34? Because seriously, internet, what the hell.

Andrew the Hedgehog
Huh. Not too bad.

Eddie the Hedgehog, why can't I be purple? Purple is the manliest color.


Oh, god. And now a music video set to "Numb" by Linkin Park. Please, kill me.

I think you may have won the thread. That's just... I don't even... there is nothing I can say to console you.

Wow, I did not expect this to work...

Ladies, gentlemen, everybody else:

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