Poll: Dwarf Fortress Legacy: Interest?

Hey guys, I'm just asking if anyone would be interested in seeing/participating in a Dwarf Fortress Legacy game. I saw we used to have one here, but the last post was in 2010 and they only got to year three (which suggests they either ran into boredom or lots of "fun").

WTF is Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress is a free, indie, managerial game for running a colony of dwarfs hoping to one day be worthy of the title "fortress." SimCity, Oregon Trail, Sid Meier's Civ, and in some cases Eternal Darkness all describe some part of what can be found in this game.

For a better description than I can give, here's the wiki's "about" page: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Dwarf_Fortress:About

Here's the game's homepage:

WTF is a Legacy/Bloodline game?
After a set amount of game time (traditionally one in-game year elapsing) the save file is shipped off to the next player in line to (mis)manage the fortress themselves. Theoretically the objective is to put the fortress in better shape for the next guy than the last guy left it for you, and if Fun is inevitable, at least go out in grand style enough to get a wiki page out of it.

Here's the wiki page specifically on Bloodline games (I call them Legacy mostly) games:

Here's an LP archive of "Boatmurdered," an infarmous great example of a Bloodline game:

What Are You Asking?

#1: Would you like to play?

#2: If not, would you read/glance at the thread as we post updates of our (mis)fortunes?

#3: Have you played Dwarf Fortress, and if so did your first game end because of Fun or boredom? (optional, I'm just curious with that one)

I'm not using the poll function for #1 because I'm not gathering statistics, I'm looking for forum username's interested.


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