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Inspiration from a 4chan thread. Much appreciated, this place could use some creativity.

So I stole it. AHAHAHAHAHA.

*ahem* Anyway, the goal of the game:

You remove one letter from a (game/book/movie/series/anime/cartoon)'s name and you try to explain what it is.

Half Lie: The heart wrenching tale of a detective who has been wronged by the G Men and now must run for life.

PaceMarine: A young marine tries to keep up the pace of his new, hectic life, as he must now fight for his life.
That was terrible.

Pe Escape: You and your 4 nerd friends must escape the dreaded P.E class battling your way through bullies, buying water from fellow classmates and battling against the evil P.E teacher!

The Itcher 2 - A harrowing tale about a man trying to itch his back, but he just... can't... reach...

EDIT: Hold on, I think I can do better than that.

The Itcher 2: Assassins of Kings - A man who itches kings so vigorously that they end up dying. What a gruesome image.

Kami- the tale of a piece of paper trying to find himself in this digital age.

Ass Effect: Save the galaxy from an ASS-tronomically large scale invasion of backsides.

Assassins Reed: The adventures of a musician looking for the perfect reed to carve his pipe!

Kingdom Hears:
Play that pesky gossiping NPC, it's your job to eavesdrop and make sure the villain always knows where the hero is going next.
The death of the world is in your hands.

A sock has gained sentience due to the nasty bacteria of it's owner's feet.

Fallout: Ew Vegas - a story about a man and his seven gnomes wander the streets of Vegas wondering how filthy the city is.

Mario Art

Go and appraise some art, game ends...

PE 2012: A simulator so players can see what children go through in PE nowadays.

FIA 2013: The heart wrenching tale of murder investigative journalists!

Half-Lie, Tell bad lies and defeat gullible aliens.

One with the Wind: In which a wealthy Southern heiress loses everything by spontaneously becoming a cloud

Tar Wars, an epic struggle not to drop the lit cigarette into the tar while not burning your hand holding it...

Cash Bandicoot.
A marsupial who was flogged for some money and mistreated ever since.

(That would be biting satire if anyone actually cared.)

HAL: Combat Evolve. A FPS game base on Space Odyssey. Somehow HAL had become a planet size computer as you battle his computer minions.

Bat-Ma! Batman's mother and the exciting tale of her death.

Metal ear solid: After losing his left ear in a tragic accident at the barbershop, young Snake gets a new bionic ear which grants him new abilities that are indispensible on his new adventures as a professional eavesdropper.

Teris: The tale of the Icelandic software company and how they help with money!

Duke Nuke Forever: Pretty much a Duke setting off some nuclear missles at the invading aliens.

Timeshit: Take a shit that transcends time and space!

Ionic Commando: You take control of metals and non-metals on your quest to form ionic bonds between them!

Tie Crisis: Oh no, you're tie has gone bad and you must rush to the store to acquire a new one. Time is running out, and you've got a business meeting in 1 hour!

Person: A game about this guy who's really easy to project yourself into.

Resident Vil: The story of Cruela de Vil's convoluted family history.

Devil My Cry: Your protagonist is possessed by Satan. He angsts a lot about it.

Dagon Quest: Your are an occultist. You roll a d20 to see where your journey takes you; with the goal to raise a dark god from his slumber.

Guitar Ero: A hentai game featuring guitars. Oh God why

Dead Pace: Try to fight off demon dogs while jogging on a very slow escalator! D:

Guitar Ero: A hentai game featuring guitars. Oh God why

I like the sound of this.

Angry Birs: The small town in the District of Ralma revolts against everybody else. Many minigames included.

You play as an Alien who lives with a suburban family and likes to eat cats
The Game consists of your everyday life

Lord of the rigs! An epic tale of a truck driver who wishes to be the best like no one ever was!

Pokemon: Ed

A Pokemon game where Ed, Edd, and Eddy have to become Pokemon masters in order to win the life-time supply of jaw-breakers.

TimeSpitters: You're enemies can rule time! Spit on their watches to break them, then take their time!


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