If you were a dragon

So, one day an old man in a large robe comes to your house and gives you the option to become a dragon. Once you make him prove that he's magic, you jump at the chance. So if you were a dragon, what would you do with the granted POWAH!?

Well I certainly wouldn't do all those things that tend to get dragons killed.

I would probably most likely, fly to a small country and start helping them in a heroic dragony manner.
I'd endear myself to them with my awesomeness so they'd start worshiping me as a deity.

In this way, people wouldn't try to constantly murder me because I'm a "good" dragon, and what kind of messed up people try to kill their own god? Also free food , no need to do the hunting myself.

Live out a normal human life in my human form, then on my 'death', fly and soar and stuff. In a good-dragon-y way.

Go katamari on earth's ass, and begin building a star, because china that's why.

Am I able to revert back to human form?

If I can I will use my dragon form as a mean of travel to other places like New York or Japan.

If not I will go on a rampage for being stop in dragon form.

Am I the only dragon? I would have a happy dragon family if there was a female! If not, I would dick about I guess...

I was hoping that you guys would assume that dragons had super powers. Oh well, I would create a small island far away from most countries where I will create animals unique to this island.
Everyone wants to create something in their lifetime.

I'd use my fire breath to cook my food. My food being helpless citizens.

i have a BBQ partay of course!!!

I'd be used as free transportation for people I like.

Fly to the tropics and forget all my eartly worries.

Eat orphan children, AND their parents.

I would also chill on a few deserted islands and scare people for the lulz!

Move to Honalee and get folk musicians to write songs about me.

Have sex with cars...

/obscure reference...<.<

"So, one day an old man in a large robe comes to your house and gives you the option to become a dragon. "

alternatively, beat up freeeeky old man with a hobo stick, rob him and buy an xbox 360.

What if he had awesome purple robs? Wouldn't it be more profitable then to just steal his robe and get all da womens?

I would be a troll and annoy people by eating their loved ones and burning their houses...


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